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Calderoli threatened: “If you don’t stop the genocide in the South, we’ll kill you”

Vita gazette – Minister Roberto Calderoli receives a letter saying, “If you don’t stop the genocide in the South, we’ll kill you”. And he replied: “I’m not afraid, I’ll go on”.

 “We are the mafia”, the minister said: “I won’t stop.”

A letter containing death threats was delivered to Roberto Calderoli, minister for regional affairs and autonomy in the Meloni government. A white sheet with a few lines written in block letters with a black pen.

“If you don’t stop implementing the policy of genocide towards the South, will we kill you with our firepower? We are the mafia. We are Italian, you are not. It costs us nothing to kill you. On the contrary, we will do good for Italy.”

“In these last days of August, I received a letter in which they tell me verbatim. I’m not afraid of threats, I’m not scared, and I keep going until I achieve regional autonomy. And then afterwards, I’ll go to retire on my tractor”. This was stated by Roberto Calderoli, Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, who announced on social media that he had received death threats for the bill he promoted and obtained the definitive go-ahead from the Council of Ministers on 16 March last.

Messages of solidarity

Many messages of solidarity were addressed to Calderoli after the death threats received. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wrote on her social networks: “I would like to express all my solidarity and that of the Government to the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies Roberto Calderoli for the death threats received. A vile act to be condemned with absolute firmness. Forward, together, head held high.”

For the group leaders of the Senate and Chamber of the League, Massimiliano Romeo and Riccardo Molinari, “it is unacceptable that intimidation of this type can still occur today. Our representatives are certainly not frightened by vile gestures like this, but they continue for the good of the whole country. The League expresses full support for the minister and hopes that the perpetrator of this act will be brought to justice as soon as possible”.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, also intervened on the matter, expressing his solidarity with Calderoli for the threats received on X. “I am well aware that it will not be intimidated and that Southern Italy does not need crime to protect its interests. Always against the mafias! Go, Roberto!”. As for the president of the Senate, Ignazio la Russa, “the death threats sent to Minister Roberto Calderoli are serious and unacceptable. Furthermore, I am pleased that all the political forces immediately expressed their closeness to the senator because, in the face of similar gestures, the condemnation can only be unanimous”. In a note, the Democratic Party group in the Senate also makes it known that «political confrontation, even the harshest, must never transcend language or violent attitudes. This is why we consider the threats received by Roberto Calderoli unacceptable to whom the solidarity of all the senators of the Democratic Party goes”.

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