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Ukrainian air has reached the air conditioners

Vita gazette – The Ukrainian crisis, which has turned into a war between East and West, has also hit the air conditioners. Rules have been introduced for the use of air conditioners in order to save energy. Air conditioners, from May 1st the rules for the summer come into force. They apply, for now, only to public offices and schools. Temperatures should not exceed 19 degrees in winter or drop below 27 in summer. Fines of up to 3 thousand euros for offenders

The government aims to save 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2022. This is why it is necessary to reduce the consumption of air conditioners and radiators. Mario Draghi told the Italians during the press conference on April 6: “Do we prefer peace or quiet with the radiator on or the air conditioner on all summer?” When he asked, the signs of these measures were given.

The weighted average of temperatures should not exceed 19 degrees in winter or drop below 27 degrees in summer. However, there is a tolerance of two degrees. The provision does not apply to clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. For those who do not respect the rules, penalties ranging from 500 to 3 thousand euros are envisaged. However, it is still unclear who should monitor compliance. So for now it seems like a very complex task, but the details will be published in the Official Gazette.

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