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Baci Perugina 100 years with Dolce & Gabbana

Vita gazette – Born in Perugia, Luisa Spagnoli created chocolate, which is an international brand today, exactly 100 years ago. A century later, Baci Perugiana, a product of love, celebrates its birth anniversary with another Italian legendary brand, Dolce & Gabbana.

I Baci Perugina: For some, delicious chocolate; for some, it is the symbol of a passionate love story; According to some, it is a magnificent example of entrepreneurship; According to some, he is a creative genius… But all of them are covered with a passionate love sauce like Baci Perugina. In 1922, in Perugia, with a new creative genius, a combination of chopped and melted chocolate was designed from leftovers to create a creamy filling. Topped with perfectly roasted hazelnuts. All covered with Luisa dark chocolate. And it turned out delicious chocolate, reminiscent of the knuckles of a fist. For this reason, their first production was called Cazzotto, which means punch.

One of the parties to the love story is the strong, courageous and enterprising Luisa Spagnoli. It was Giovanni Buitoni, a businessman and co-founder of Perugina, who was considering changing the name Cazzotto. A few years later, Perugina Artistic Director Federico Seneca, inspired by the secret love between partners Luisa and Giovanni, came up with the idea to wrap each kiss with a message of love, placing romantic phrases inside the legendary starry envelope.

With the addition of iconic scrolls, Baci Perugina stopped being simple chocolates to become a timeless legend. It was Federico Seneca who designed the blue and silver box, which depicts the couple kissing under the stars, inspired by Hayez’s painting “The Kiss.” Since then, every detail has become iconic. Today these chocolates turn 100 years old and continue to innovate and evoke emotion. High fashion designers interpret Dolce & Gabbana’s packages dedicated to this centennial, celebrating the Italian spirit, love and passion that distinguishes Baci Perugina from the moment they were born…

Today, Baci Perugina is owned by the Nestlè group, the world’s leading food company, operating in 187 countries with more than 2,000 global and local brands. However, it will have a style that blends the essence of Baci with the indisputable creativity of Dolce & Gabbana. The first one is the 100 Years Celebration Collection dresses Baci Classico throughout the year. The second hero collection will be the Limited Edition, a surprising new limited-edition recipe introduced for Baci’s Valentine’s Day Centennial.

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