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Baci Perugina lights up Christmas

Vita gazette – This Christmas, Baci Perugina contributes to the Christmas spirit of “Milan and San Sisto” with the message “The time has come to turn the stars back on”.

Baci Perugina joins the holidays’ magic, spreading positivity and love throughout the country and illuminating two places: Milan and San Sisto.

Are we ready for a world full of positive messages under the stars? For example, “I hope you look to the future with eyes full of beauty” to “I wish you were like that too”. “Small things can leave you with a big smile” are some of the phrases engraved in the stars that will welcome citizens who want to sit and let themselves be carried away by the magic of Baci’s Christmas.

You’re fascinated, aren’t you? So, let’s go to the city’s heart, Piazza dei Mercanti. A fairytale island covered in stars awaits us, built on an area of ​​100 square meters. There is a large central tree, over 6 meters high, and above it rises a sky decorated with lights and words of good wishes taken from Baci’s works. The Christmas cartridges illuminate the starry dome of the installation. The light installation transforms Piazza dei Mercanti into a beating heart of Christmas feelings. So immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere, where even the star-shaped seats of the installation express special wishes. We sit under the messages that invite us and let ourselves be involved in the Christmas magic of Baci.

Even the Baci Perugina factory in San Sisto is transformed into real Christmas magic. The factory’s facade lights up with a Christmas display, transforming it into a magical corner where the magic of Christmas comes to life.

We are in a world of lights and emotions with an installation complete with that Christmas atmosphere. “The time has come to turn the stars back on” is the name of the installation explicitly designed for Piazza dei Mercanti. The creative project is a gift to the city. It is part of the initiative of the Municipality of Milan, “Il Natale degli Alberi,” which promotes the creation of Christmas proposals to illuminate the streets and squares during the holiday period.

The enlightened project also sheds light on children in need of support. The project, managed by Dentsu, also creates a social campaign under the guidance of the L’Albero della Vita Foundation entitled “Under a good star”.

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