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A good day starts with breakfast!

Having breakfast at the bar is one of our favorite daily dates. For some of us it is a small luxury, for others it is an immensely enjoyable necessity. But for all of us, it’s the first meal of the day we pamper ourselves. Our dinners are like a little festival. The aim is to have a good time with family and friends. Since the main purpose is not food, our festival, which usually starts at 21:00, lasts until late hours. As such, we are not very hungry when we wake up in the morning. But for us, a good day starts with breakfast. In other words, with the dessert and coffee duo… This duo depends on preference. Cappuccino from coffee is a traditional drink for breakfast. But there are also those who prefer espresso or caffé macchiato. Apart from cornetto (plain, chocolate, honey, cream) we also consume almond biscuits called cantucci or biscottini tagliati and various marmalades. We enter the bar, calling out “Buongiorno”. We usually make our payment at the cash register where there is a small queue and go to the section where the bar counter is. We lean against the counter, have a quick coffee, have a snack and rush to work. Even if it’s a bad day, the smell of coffee, a cup of coffee that we snack on between the sounds of cup clinking and the sweet next to it cause us to start the day fresh and cheerful. Even if it’s a bad day, we leave the bars with a flavor that makes you smile…

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