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Berlusconi withdrew but did not let Draghi pass

Vita gazette: Former Italian Prime Minister and Forza Italia Party leader Silvio Berlusconi withdrew his candidacy ahead of the presidential election that will begin on Monday. Berlusconi, whose candidacy caused public debate and could not find the necessary support, stated that he acted with a sense of national responsibility and pointed out that he would continue to serve his country in different ways. Noting that Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who was named for the presidency, should remain in this office until his term ends, Berlusconi said, “As a centre-right alliance, we will make a joint proposal.”

Giuseppe Conte, the leader of the 5 Star Movement (M5S), which has been against Berlusconi’s candidacy from the beginning, said on his Twitter account, “Silvio Berlusconi’s candidacy was unacceptable. We take a step forward as he pulls back. “We are starting a series of talks with political forces to present a high-profile, authoritative, widely accepted candidate.”

Enrico Letta, leader of the centre-left roof party Democratic Party (PD), which is against Berlusconi’s candidacy, also noted that the centre-right does not have a majority, and now they have to agree to find a name that is accepted by everyone.

The situation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who is not officially a candidate for the presidency, but whose name is among the candidates, is also of great importance for the future of the coalition government formed by the coming together of 6 parties from different spectrums. The fact that the government will end if Draghi is elected president creates a dilemma for the coalition parties.

In the political backstage, the formulas for Draghi, “to remain as prime minister and to have another name for the presidency in Italy, which is going through a difficult period like the rest of the world, or he to be elected president and to continue the coalition with a new government under a technocrat name like Draghi, without holding early elections” is said to be discussed.

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