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Bulgari crowned with “Eden”

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by Maria Greco

God created the perfect garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve lived. In the garden, where there were all kinds of trees, plants and flowers, two were particularly important: one was the tree of life; the other is the tree of knowledge of good and evil. All the creatures of Eden, the colourful butterflies and birds, lived forever, singing the song of peace, security and happiness. Because they knew good and evil and the meaning of life. Bulgari has created this perfect heavenly garden with impeccable Italian craftsmanship, rare stones and colours. And created the Eden of our time…

The way the Bulgari High Jewelry 2022 collection was unveiled is a real event. After glimpsing a few pieces on the Cannes red carpet around the necks of actresses and singers, the Roman brand released a short movie directed by Paolo Sorrentino starring Zendaya and Anne Hathaway to celebrate its new High Jewelry collection.

And then, on Monday 6 June in Paris, the Maison finally showed all the unique pieces of Bulgari “Eden The garden of wonders”, the 2022 high-end jewellery and watchmaking collection. In the heart of the sumptuous Italian Embassy in Paris, the fashion show where the “Eden Il Giardino delle Meraviglie” collection was presented in the presence of Teresa Castaldo, ambassador of Italy to France and Bulgari Group CEO Jean-Christophe Babin.

Gorgeous models such as Blesnya Faretta, Ashley Radjarame and Greta Hofer walked like angels in their simple dresses through the halls of the magnificent palace on rue de Varennes, decorated like the garden of Eden. I am wearing the unique pieces of the collection. On a snake-shaped catwalk, models wore 140 pieces of fine jewelry. Carla Bruni made the final presentation with a diamond and emerald necklace called “Praise to Paris” …

The riot of lights, colours and splendour that invaded the halls of the Italian Embassy in Paris fascinated those present. And they all took a trip to the garden of paradise. Their emotions, looks and reactions were captured by the unpublished masterpieces of high-end jewellery and watches, a true concentration of creativity and craftsmanship.

After the fashion show, Carla Bruni then performed with the singer Mario Biondi in a musical performance during the exclusive dinner. But the real stars of the day were they, the creations from the special collection that will remain on display in the new Bulgari flagship store, recently renovated by Peter Marino, opened in Place Vendôme.

The dinner menu, in homage to the city of Paris and the Italian character of the brand and the host Embassy, ​​was entrusted to two chefs: the three Michelin star French Yannick Alleno and the two Michelin star Italian Emanuele Scarpello. The two chefs created a culinary journey, mixing French and Italian traditions, offering guests an original and unique experience under a roof of flowers, as if they were inside the most luxurious Garden of Eden.

The collection of the Italian Maison, part of the French group LVMH, includes jewels that require hundreds or thousands of hours of work each. A paradise for the wearer, a job that requires years of patience and wisdom for those who make them. If the name of the collection is Garden of Eden, what would Bulgari’s symbol be if not the worst character in the garden? Of course, it had to be hidden. Could the snake-shaped vault be hidden between two butterflies, rich vegetation and a flowery meadow? And Bulgari succeeded, recreating the Garden of Eden with its hidden snake. Five masters worked 4,400 hours for this jewel watch. The jewel includes 6,500 stones, for a total of 223 carats. Paraiba tourmaline cabochons, emeralds, diamonds, garnets, pink tourmalines, opals, rubies, and multicoloured sapphires. And as soon as it was finished it was bought by a customer. However, it will be presented at the Grand Prix de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva (the Oscars of watchmaking). However, others will be made, but with different colours and combinations.

But the Garden of Eden collection is made up of about 140 unique pieces, 30 of which are dedicated with emeralds in the center, such as the Emerald Glory choker: this too is a super elaborate jewel (3,000 hours of work). It has 11 Colombian emeralds cut in the shape of a pear, surrounded by over 220 carats of diamonds. Exceptional jewels are many.

140 creations that enchant and transport you to a real garden of Eden made of high craftsmanship and wonderful stones. The absolute star of the collection is emerald, a stone dear to Bulgari who has decided to celebrate its elegance and liveliness in Bulgari’s “Eden, the garden of wonders”.

The Bulgari Eden Collection conveys the nature necessary to live, the beauty of harmony, the perfection of perfection accompanied by life, joy and joie de vivre. And it does so by radiating beauty with its light, sinuous shapes and gorgeous combination of bright colors.

Eden isn’t told, is lived. So let’s take a short trip a wonderful garden.

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