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Christmas paintings by famous artists

Vita gazette – The Christmas holidays are the most extraordinary and magical time of the year. Art reflecting the society has not remained indifferent to this miraculous period. The colours, brush strokes and images that best reflect the warm atmosphere of the Christmas period, the sincere expectation and the feeling of celebration have also left their mark on our subconscious with the same warmth. We have made a compilation of the artists who left a Christmas mark on the timeless wall of history…

Viggo Johansen: “Happy Christmas” 1891

Viggo Yuhansen preferred to depict episodes from family life in his pictures. One of his genuinely magical works is the painting “Happy Christmas”, where a decorated Christmas tree sparkles with bright lights against the background of human shadows. This contrast conveys the fabulous atmosphere of the holiday and the expectation of a miracle, thanks to which it is impossible to take your eyes off the picture.

It is Christmas in the home of the Johansen family. The artist’s wife, Martha, can be seen in the foreground between her daughters Ellen and little Nanna, and in the closed circle, we also see her childhood friend Helene Christensen from Skagen. Who the eldest son Fritz is holding hands with remains a mystery, and although Johansen was busy in front of the easel, the merry comment was that Viggo was standing behind the tree. In the corner, we see Martha’s aunt observing the expectant pleasure of the flock of children from a distance in the living room in Amaliegade in Copenhagen.

Albert Chevallier Tayler:  “The Christmas Tree” 1911

This sweet painting of a family gathered around the candle-lit Christmas Tree. A picture of a cute, cheerful and happy family gathered around a candle-lit Christmas Tree. His fine mastery of lighting gives the audience a sense of Christmas and happiness.

Alexander Buchkuri: “Christmas Market” 1906

The famous artist loved to draw folk Christmas and New Year festivities. The “Christmas market” depicts a fun and colourful fair that the town’s residents have visited to purchase holiday supplies. There are Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, sweets, and toys. On the faces of people, there are joyful smiles from the anticipation. New Year. Il “inverno” della tela dimostra una piccola città, affogando nella neve ed eleganti tre cavalli su cui le persone si divertono. Questa immagine, piena di gioia, supera l’umore invernale.

Alexander Mokhov: “December 31st” 2005

“December 31”, we see snow-covered country houses and, in the foreground – a fragment of a table. There is a vase with coniferous plants and Christmas ornaments, candles and glasses on the table, a part of which is visible in the foreground. In addition to all these details, a natural, warm Christmas atmosphere is created that makes you say, “we wish we were there”, living with a ginger-coloured cat touching a Christmas ornament hanging from a branch with its paw…

Tatyana Erein: “Before New Year” 1953

We see a cheerful family under the winter atmosphere and New Year’s decorations. In the background, under the snow, a Santa Claus dominates the square and the lights that surround it. There is a happy family positioned in the foreground of the image. Dad brings the Christmas tree, Mom is a cake in the box, and the little daughter is a Santa Claus figure. Around a lot of people with shirts – everyone is trying to buy some gifts for the holidays. A real Christmas moment …

Norman Rockwell. “Santa Claus” 1921 year

The works of this American illustrator are more like Christmas cards – they are so saturated with magic. In one of his adorable illustrations, you see a sleeping girl with Santa Claus standing by her crib with a bag of gifts. The artist left us a riddle about whether the old man dreams of a girl or whether this fairy-tale character exists. Or Does Santa send the message that we grow old with each new year?

Henry Mosler: “Christmas morning” 1916

Some special magic and mysteriousness characterise the canvas of this American artist. The “Christmas Morning” image depicts two children and a cat who froze in front of a door mounted in impatience and anticipation. A richly dressed Christmas tree is visible in the opening, decorated with lighted candles, and gifts can be considered on the floor.

Boris Kustodiev. “Christmas Tree Market” 1918

In this work, the famous artist conveyed the excitement of Christmas, the shopping rush, and the joy of planting trees, accompanied by a magnificent winter view.

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