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Election genie out of the bottle:

Mario Draghi has resigned

Vita gazette – The widely-attended government led by Mario Draghi passed the vote of confidence in the Senate, but this time the three parties in the government did not participate in the vote of confidence, leaving Draghi with no alternative but to submit his resignation to the President. This time, President Sergio Mattarella also accepted the resignation.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has submitted his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella. The country is expected to hold elections in the fall.

Ukraine and arms aid started crisis

The government’s Ukraine policy and arms aid took concrete steps that started the crisis. The M5S, led by Giuseppe Conte, one of the government partners, was especially opposed to the weapon aid. For this reason, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who was close to Prime Minister Draghi, resigned from his party. He later formed a new party with other resignations.

Help package triggered

After this division, the economic aid package prepared for the economic crisis in the country came to the fore. Opposing the amount prepared in the package, M5S vetoed the vote on it last week. M5S leader Giuseppe Conte also announced that they are in favor of the continuation of the government. However, Draghi submitted his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella, stating that the broad coalition government should be in full unity.

Jumped from one to three

The President, who did not accept Draghi’s resignation, recommended that he seek a solution in the Parliament. Draghi asked the parties to support the reforms in parliament on Wednesday, giving the message that the coalition could be rebuilt. Although Draghi’s government won a vote of confidence in the vote late Wednesday, with 95 senators in favor and 28 against, the centre-right League and Forza Italia and the Five Star Movement did not participate. This time, the number of political parties that vetoed the Draghi coalition government with broad participation increased to three, which brought this result.

Draghi, whose previous resignation was rejected by President Sergio Mattarella, said in an address to the lower house of parliament today, “In light of the vote in the Senate last night, I request that the session be postponed because I will go to the President and convey my decision.” And this time his resignation was accepted. Elections are expected to be held in September or October at the earliest.


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