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Towards the September 25 elections:

Gina Lollobrigida running for the Senate

Vita gazette – Actress Gina Lollobrigida will be a candidate for the Senate, one of Italy’s ambassadors in the world.

Lollobrigida will be a candidate in various constituencies, both in that of Lazio with Latina, and in eastern Sicily and Veneto, with the list that brings together the Communist Party, the Socialist Homeland, Civil Action, Again Italy and Reconquer Italy.

Gina Lollobrigida was born on 4 July 1927 in Subiaco. Her real name is Luigina Lollobrigida. Daughter of a furniture maker, Lollobrigida spent her childhood in a mountain village. The Miss Italia beauty pageant in which she participated in 1947 changed her life. The star, who finished 3rd in this competition, has been acting in films since 1946.

During her career she was directed by Italian directors of great artistic depth such as Alberto Lattuada, Mario Monicelli, Mario Soldati, Pietro Germi and Vittorio De Sica. In France he worked with directors of the caliber of Christian-Jaque, Jean Delannoy, Jules Dassin and Rene Clair.

On the American side, it was directed and flanked by world-famous stars among others, by Anthony Quinn, Burt Lancaster, Carol Reed, David Niven, Errol Flynn, Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, King Vidor, John Huston, Melvin Frank, Robert Alda , Rock Hudson, Tony Curtis, Yul Brynner, Sean Connery, and more.

With the slowdown in her film career she also began a second one as a photojournalist which led her to interview Fidel Castro in the seventies. During his career she has received numerous awards, including a Henrietta Award for the film Seven David di Donatello and two Silver Ribbons, as well as a BAFTA nomination for Bread, Love and Fantasy.


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