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Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni sent a “true model” message

Vita gazette: Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni gave a message of social values ​​through the controversial influencer Chiara Ferragni in recent days and indicated the “true model” to follow. Prime Minister Meloni stated that exemplary models do not pose with clothes and bags but contribute to the “Made in Italy” brand, from design to production up to its presentation on the international scene.

From the Atreju stage, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni spoke about the economy. In a moment to reiterate how much her government focuses on Made in Italy, Giorgia Meloni chose to mention, among other things, Chiara Ferragni (without naming her directly). Ferragni, the digital entrepreneur, is at the centre of controversy over the designer Balocco Pandoro: the Antitrust has inflicted a fine of over one million euros on the companies attributable to her and 420 thousand euros on the Veronese company for practising incorrect commercial.

“The real model to follow is not just influencers.”

“The real model to follow is not only the influencers who make tons of money by wearing clothes, showing off bags or even promoting expensive panettone with which one is made to believe that charity will be done, but whose price only serves to pay millionaires’ fees”, she said referring to the Antitrust fine to Chiara Ferragni for the campaign together with Balocco.

And she described the actual model to follow

“The real model to follow is the model of those who invent, design, produce and keep Italian excellence ahead of everyone else in the global market, just because we are simply better at it and know how to do it better. We must explain to young people that creating those products is more extraordinary than simply showing them.”

The Chiara. Ferragni affair, Balocco and the designer pandoro: what happened

Recently, the influencer was fined 1 million euros for “unfair commercial practice” after the “designer” Pandoro Balocco initiative. The entrepreneur allegedly made it clear to consumers that by purchasing the pandoro with the Chiara Ferragni logo, they would be contributing to a donation to the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin. The donation in question (worth 50 thousand euros) had already been made by Balocco alone months earlier. The company is now due a fine of 420 thousand euros.

The influencer’s husband, the singer Fedez: “I haven’t spoken so far – he wrote – because the matter doesn’t concern me, my wife is an independent woman, and I don’t want to overdetermine anyone, and she has declared that she will challenge this. A rather singular event was that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni decided to speak about the country’s priorities from the stage of her fantastic party celebration. Did he talk about youth unemployment? No. The financial manoeuvre they’re doing with their ass, and they haven’t finished yet? No. About the tax burden? No. It makes me smile; we are the ones who should be wary of politicians, given all the previous events.”


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