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Warning from the EU country to the EU:

“Embargo on gas would destroy the EU economy!”

Vita gazette- Another EU member has warned the European Union. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, “The European Union embargo on Russia’s natural gas imports will destroy the European economy.” Pointing out that the cause of inflation is war, Orban said, “There is a high probability that the war will continue and the year 2023 will be full of uncertainty and pain. Therefore, there should be peace, not war.”

“A possible Brussels embargo on Russian gas would devastate the European economy.” This warning was voiced by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, speaking to Kossuth Radio Station. Expressing that he is sure that common sense will win in the end, Orban said, “This is not just a matter of Hungary without an alternative, it is a matter of ruining the whole of Europe.”

When asked about the measure, which applied a preferential rate to vehicles with Hungarian license plates compared to foreign license plates, which caused a reaction in Brussels, Orban defended the measure by underlining how “extraordinary measures are necessary to deal with an exceptional situation”. Orban said the cap on fuel prices, as well as some essential food and energy, could remain in place for a longer period of time if the war in Ukraine continues.


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