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Italian Fashion Love is different!

Guest stylist Tuğba Yazıcı

Hello everyone, I am Tugba Yazıcı; an artist and designer, living on the other side of the world in Florida. I have been reading the Vita Gazette with interest since I first discovered it. I love hearing news from Italy, because I love Italian culture, ambience, history, art, people, food, fashion and I guess everything. I start my article inspired by the title of Dublin-based author Maeve Binchy’s bestselling book, “Love in Italian is different”. But as you can see from the title, our topic is Italy, artistic fashion, brands and immortal, passionate love that encompasses them all. I think we are ready now. Have a nice coffee. I hope you enjoy reading what I wrote.

I have been reading Vita Gazette with pleasure since the first time I came across it, and every time I read it, I go back to memories that leave a trace, especially when I see those pastel-coloured streets and historical squares, I always enter a bistro with a slice of pizza in my hand and sip my wine slowly in front of me. I watch the surroundings with pleasure, savouring the moment… Thinking about the artistic bond that started and gradually developed between Italy and me…

Fashion and art relationship

I would like to tell you with my memories that there is such a strong, invisible strong bond in the world of fashion. Fashion, interaction and art; in fact, all three are separate branches of art; but when they come together they create an invisible storm that blows over the world. The most perfect union of these three is experienced in Italy. Miuccia Prada was one of the main sponsors of the Florence Biennial, which I attended as a painting artist. She looked like a dazzling work of art in her pink taffeta dress. While visiting the stands of the artists and watching the statements she gave to the journalists, I watched this glamorous woman carefully. During my stay in Florence, I had the opportunity to think a lot about Miuccia Prada, her style, and how she is so intertwined with art. Art and fashion were intertwined with architecture, history, and many other factors, and I made my discoveries in that process so that fashion designers could be inspired by the works of artists and even reinterpret them in costumes. Thanks to fashion lovers, the love of fashion and the speed of its spread have reached incredible points. What a joy it was for an artist. At least that’s how it was for me. During the 3 weeks I stayed in Florence, I walked through those art-smelling streets, ate those wonderful Italian dishes, sipped their wines, and internalized the inspiration. Why shouldn’t my paintings cooperate with fashion? I said and went over my idea. What came out?

The artistic magic of Italian fashion

When I returned to Istanbul, I went to meet with the Istanbul Fashion Academy and registered for the next semester. I had a hard time and sweat, but when I finished the academy, I realized a dream. I received an award among the most successful designers in the competition and held my first fashion show. While “Tugba’s women” were just paintings, they were designed as costumes, and after that day, they reached many parts of the world with the “Portable Art” mentality. While watching Miuccia Prada, I noticed that she loves art. I wonder if her brand incorporated art into it? We both produced portrait dresses in the same year, which was such a coincidence. In the years that followed, I discovered this: During my branding processes, I realized that many brands were producing similar products to mine, and the explanation for this was: in fashion design, there are ways, and designers follow these ways in the creation of style. The theory of “everything is mathematics” is correct, and those who know these mathematics meet at the same frequency.

Miuccia Prada

Since today’s location is Miuccia Prada, I researched the unknown about it for you, and as I researched, I learned that what I thought in those streets of Florence in 2011 was not empty. Here are the inspirations of the “75th strongest woman in the world,” according to Forbes magazine: Miuccia was the first designer to start collaborating with artists in the fashion world. For example, she collaborated with comics artist James Jean on the creation of new collections in 2008 and 2018. When Miuccia visited a factory specializing in the making and production of military tents and parachutes, she decided she wanted to make bags using these fabrics. Thus, she created the classic Prada bags. The logo of the bags has not been as prominent a design element as on the bags of other leading luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton. With this plain logo, Prada is intended to be recognized only by those with a knowledge of fashion. Miuccia’s nickname is “Miu Miu. She used this name in 1992 when he founded a fashion brand affiliated with Prada. Miuccia collaborates with architects and artists in the decoration of Prada boutiques. Therefore, there are many interesting Prada stores around the world. There is a Prada store in the desert in Texas that has no doors and no employees. When asked if there was any possibility of collaborating with more affordable brands like Prada, H&M, he replied in the negative. She said, ‘If I had an idea on how to make fashion much more affordable but of high quality, I would implement it.’ She said. The costume designer of the movie “The Great Gatsby”, Catherine Martin, collaborated with Miuccia Prada. All the outfits seen at the parties in the movie were designed by Prada. In the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, and Willem Dafoe used Prada clothes and bags. Miuccia, who received many awards throughout her career, was included in Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” list in 2005. She was named the 75th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2014. A motivational sentence that I love very much, ends the article that I was excited about while writing it. “Fashion lets you dream against the challenge of the real world. “- Lady Gaga I hope we have lots of inspiration and lots of motivation.

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