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Eurovision final, Angelina competes

Vita gazette – Italy supports Angelina Mango who will compete against the other 25 countries tonight at the Malmo Arena in Sweden.

Tonight, Italy will gather on Rai 1 starting at 9 pm to cheer on Angelina Mango, who will compete at the Malmo Arena for the final Eurovision Song Contest 2024. The winner of the Sanremo Festival will be the fifteenth singer out of the 26 countries’ competitors. So we will have to wait until around mid-evening to listen to his “La noia” (signed by Dardust and Madame) in a competition that will be opened by Sweden, the host country, and closed by Austria.

Angelina showed up in the press room, bringing the most beautiful message of musical peace through an improvised Imagine by John Lennon. “Hello, everyone; I’m here because I would like to express my thoughts in my own words,” declared the visibly excited artist, speaking to international reporters in English. “When I came here, I saw artists just like me who live for their music and speak through their music said the artist who gave a great performance in Thursday’s semi-final – I performed on that beautiful stage at Eurovision with my heart full of love. I went to bed so proud of myself and all of us. Now I want to let the music speak,” he said. Angelina Mango began singing Imagine, accompanied by a guitar and a hymn to peace worldwide.

Angelina Mango sings La Noia – Italy (already in the final)

A throne of intertwined branches, red roses, an overwhelming ballet: the Arena unleashes itself to the rhythm of La noia. Many wave the tricolor.

Italy is part of the Big Five, is among the founders of Eurovision, and has three important victories to its credit: Gigliola Cinquetti, 1964; Totot Cutugno, 1990; and Maneskin, 2021. This year, the winner of the Sanremo Festival, Angelina Mango, represents us with “La noia”, signed by Madame and produced by Dardust.

“La Noia” is a contemporary cumbia with a fast-paced and energetic rhythm. In this song, Angelina talks about her approach to life with the awareness that it comprises positive and negative moments.

The song has already achieved eight platinum records, two gold records and over 374 million audio and video streams.

To entertain the public while waiting for the results of the vote, there will be the performance of the outgoing winner, Loreen, the first woman to have won two Eurovision, who will perform the song that led to the triumph of Liverpool Tattoo and the new single Forever.

Live from 9 pm on Rai 1 with Maionchi and Corsi, on Rai Radio 2 and Raiplay, and in sign language.

After the second semi-final, held at the Malmö Arena in Sweden, the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 finalists will compete on Saturday, 11 May.

They took to the stage with artists from the Big Five countries (Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, and Germany) and the host country (Sweden).

The finalists

On Saturday evening, the artists will compete on the stage of the Malmö Arena to decide this year’s winner. The live broadcast on Rai1 will be available immediately after Tg1 until almost 1 am, when the winner will perform. Gabriele Corsi and Mara Maionchi will comment on the match for Italy.

Here are the finalists in order of performance:

Sweden | Markus & Martinus – Unforgettable

Ukraine | Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil – Teresa & Maria

Germany | Isaak – Always on the Run

Luxembourg | Tali – Fighter

Netherlands | Joost Klein – Europa

Israel | Eden Golan – Hurricane

Lithuania | Dons – Hollow

Spain | Nebula – ZORRA

Estonia | 5MIINUST x Puuluup – (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi

Ireland | Bambie Thug – Doomsday Blue

Lithuania | Sylvester Belt – Luktelk

Greece | Marina Satti – ZARI

United Kingdom | Olly Alexander – Dizzy

Norway | Gåte – Ulveham

Italy | Angelina Mango – Boredom

Serbia | Teya Dora – Remonda

Finland | Windows95Man – No Rules!

Portugal | Iolanda – Grito

Armenia | LADANIVA – Jako

Cyprus | Silia Kapsis – Liar

Switzerland | Nemo – The Code

Slovenia | Raiven – Veronika

Croatia | Baby Lasagna – Rim Tim Tagi Dim

Georgia | Nutsa Buzaladze – Firefighter

France | Slimane – Mon amour

Austria | Kaleen – We Will Rave

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