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Election day on September 25th

Vita gazette – The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella dissolved the Italian parliament following the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. First Council of Ministers as outgoing premier defines the date of the vote for the renewal of parliament after the dissolution of the Chambers: Italy will go to the polls on 25 September.

The government crisis took another phase after President Mattarella dissolved parliament. The three parties, which received a vote of confidence from the Senate yesterday, but were not included in the vote, Prime Minister Draghi resigned once again; He was instrumental in the President’s decision.

Accepting the resignation of Prime Minister Draghi after the 3 parties in the coalition withdrew their support, President Mattarella met separately with the Senate President of the upper wing of the parliament Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati and the Speaker of the lower wing House of Representatives Roberto Fico to find a solution to the government crisis.

The President also thanked Mario Draghi, who has been leading the government for the last 18 months, for his work, and stated that the Draghi government will work to meet the needs of the citizens, including the holding of elections, until the new government is formed.

Mattarella said the lack of support for Draghi decided to call early elections as it showed there was “no possibility” of forming another government capable of holding a majority of MPs.

After President Mattarella signed the decree dissolving the parliament, Prime Minister Draghi convened the council of ministers to set the election date. The Council of Ministers decided to hold the general elections on September 25. The five-year term of parliament was to expire in March 2023.

There were three dates on the table: 18 and 25 September or 2 October. The last weekend of September was the date that was possible since the beginning of the government crisis but it seemed to have been initially set aside because it coincided with the eve of Rosh haShanah, the Jewish New Year. However, during the day, the Union of Italian Jewish Communities was keen to let us know that the date poses no obstacles. “The solemnity that begins in the evening allows the faithful of the Jewish religion to exercise their right to vote in the preceding hours,” he said.

Mario Draghi in his speech to the Council thanked Sergio Mattarella for managing the crisis and the ministers for the pragmatism shown in 18 months of government.

“Italy has everything to be strong, authoritative, credible in the world. You have shown it day after day in these months of government. Now we must maintain the same determination in the activity that we will be able to carry out in the coming weeks, within the limits of the perimeter that has been drawn up of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – also to favor the work of the Government that will succeed us. I will take with me a very nice memory of these meetings, of the exchanges I had individually with you. There will still be time for greetings. Now let’s get back to work ”.

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