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The 12 best beaches in Italy

Vita gazette – An hour of sleep by the sea, accompanied by the sound of waves, relieves all our tiredness. It is an excellent experience to watch our surroundings in shades of green after waking up. Bringing our rested body together with the blue and cool sea afterward is one of the most enjoyable moments of life. But provided the beaches are perfect…

National Geographic magazine also listed 12 beaches in Italy according to certain criteria. When we look at the list, we see that there is a ranking of the beaches according to their naturalness, calmness, scenery, architecture, and being a diving and entertainment center.

A dozen of Italy’s pearls are listed as follows;

Capo Peloro – Sicily: Its name derives from the Greek, which describes the most north-eastern tip of Sicily. It means “genius” in Italian. Capo Peloro is the best beach for views, located on the most extreme tip of Sicily, “where the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian meet whirling” in the legendary lands of the Odyssey. With an open view of the Strait of Messina and the Calabrian coasts, the beach is a nature reserve where dolphins roam the crystal clear waters.

Bay of Riaci – Calabria: The Capo Vaticano peninsula is home to what has been called “one of the most spectacular beaches in Italy”, with its turquoise waters and soft sand that extends to the bottom of the cliffs. Thanks to its calm waters and the wealth of local fauna, visitors can easily immerse themselves in the underwater world. It is also known as Italy’s best beach for snorkeling and diving.

Marina di Alberese – Tuscany: classified as the best beach for nature travelers. The tree-lined streets are ideal for driving and cycling. There is not even a business in this place where lush forests and sea meet.

Capo Peloro                                              Baia di Riaci                                 Marina di Alberese 

Puglia Pesoluse – Salento: Italy’s best family beach for National Geographic: also known as the Maldives of Italy, this area offers breathtaking natural beauty, and its gently sloping sea is perfect for a coastal family vacation.

Cala Rossa, Favignana – Sicily: Among extraordinary naturalistic beauties and industrial archeology finds, the island of Favignana is the best in Italy for photography lovers. Cala Rossa, in particular, offers “acrobatic passages” and excursions among the rocks that lead to beaches “with turquoise waters illuminated by white sand in the shade of Posidonia meadows”.

Santa Maria di Castellabate – Cilento: It is the best beach for lovers of traditional Italy, the classic type of place: “a small and quiet fishing village with excellent restaurants, zero nightlife to disturb rest and a lovely little beach”.

Puglia  Pesoluse                                        Cala Rossa                                 S. Maria di Castellabate

Spiaggia dei Conigli – Lampedusa: It’s already named the most beautiful beach in Italy, is according to National Geographic the best Italian beach to feel away from it all. The beach, now limited in number, can accommodate up to 550 people, for a “solitary” experience even in the highest season.

Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle – Marche: The Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle, in the Marche region, is for National Geographic the best beach for adventure lovers. Located within the Conero Natural Regional Park, the Due Sorelle beach is among the most picturesque on the Marche coast, and is “a completely wild beach, which is very rare in Italy”.

Viareggio – Tuscany: Viareggio is one of the Italian destinations that according to National Geographic are a must for architecture lovers: the beach of Viareggio is “an Italian classic” of Versilia, one of the most popular coastal regions in Italy. Viareggio is the splendid Liberty architecture: “here the seafront becomes a huge architectural walkway” dotted with elegant bars and cafes.

Spiaggia dei Conigli                     Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle                                      Viareggio 

Maronti – Ischia: The beach of Maronti, on the island of Ischia, is the best for lovers of spas and resorts: known since ancient times for its thermal waters, Maronti has known international fame with the series of novels “The brilliant friend”, by Elena Ferrante. But it is also the perfect vacation spot to combine white beaches with a view of the Bay of Naples and the beneficial action of thermal waters and hot sand.

Punta Aderci – Abruzzo: It is the best beach in Italy for hiking: located within a protected natural area, it is one of the wildest coasts in the country. The headland may seem familiar to National Geographic readers for its “references to Cornwall or the coasts of Pembrokeshire”.

Riccione – Emilia-Romagna: Riccione is the best in Italy to have fun: over 100 kilometers of coastline with “soft sand, water that is never too shallow or too high, hundreds of bars, restaurants, establishments”. If the Romagna Riviera is “the Florida of Italy” for National Geographic, Riccione is its Miami, “a city full of parties and famous for its nightlife” and which also hosts live broadcasts of Radio Deejay, with concerts and exclusive guests.

      Maronti                                             Punta Aderci                                                    Riccione

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