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Luca died after eating unlimited sushi

Vita gazette- Luca Piscopo, a 15 years old teenager, died after eating sushi at an ethnic restaurant in Naples with the “Eat all you can eat for 16 Euros” campaign. The investigation continues against the Chinese national owner of the restaurant and the GP who prescribed home treatment. Autopsy results are awaited. Two of her friends at the restaurant: “We got sick after that meal.”

According to the report, Luca Piscopo started feeling bad after eating “all you can eat formula” sushi at a restaurant in the Vomero neighborhood on November 23.  About 10 days later, on December 2, Luca died after an anti-inflammatory treatment. His family filed a complaint, the Naples prosecutor has opened a file.  The owner of the ethnic restaurant, of Chinese nationality, and Luca’s GP, 61, who had prescribed home therapy for the 15 yearzold, were registered in the register of suspects. The alleged offense is that of manslaughter. To shed light on the causes that led to the death and the boy will be Alfonso Maiellaro, coroner, Alfonso Nappi, infectious disease specialist and Tiziana Ascione, pathologist. Vomero restaurant the all you can eat menu provides that with 16 euros you can eat raw fish and rice without limits.

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