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Historic award to Meghan Markle and Armani

Vita gazette – Meghan Markle’s black and white dress with a lotus flower symbolizing rebirth, which she wore in the historic interview, was awarded. Meghan Markle’s Armani wrap dress will be exhibited at the Fashion Museum Bath. The “dress of 2021” designed by the Italian company Armani will be exhibited at the Fashion Museum Bath.

When it was announced that Oprah Winfrey would be interviewing Princess Meghan and Prince Harry to air on CBS in March last year, almost the entire world’s eyes were on television screens. We were looking forward to that day. First of all, they were a couple who were followed with interest and love since the day they went out together. Secondly, Meghan was an intellectual and beautiful woman who stood out for her naturalness, simplicity, sympathy and social work. Along with Meghan, Harry’s overshadowed personality and sympathy became visible. The third was a couple who were strong, courageous and willful enough to leave the British Royal Palace and its possibilities behind. It was expected that the statements of such a special couple would be in the same direction. That’s what happened.

In this interview, we learned everything from Harry and Meghan’s reasons for leaving the palace, to the double standards of the British media, to the meaningless silence of the royal family and their behavior towards Meghan. During the interview, Markle expressed how royal life has been a torment for her, including bullying, racism, lack of protection for herself and her son, and more. Among them, we learned that even the color of the baby to be born was the subject of discussion… Meghan and Harry were going beyond the walls of the palace with their statements and reaching the whole world… Moreover, during this historical interview, Meghan Markle was pregnant with her second child, Lili-Lilibet Diana.

Symbols of the dress

Princess Meghan wore a black and white silk dress designed by Armani during the two-hour bombshell interview. The dress with long sleeves, matching belt and lotus flower design was included in the spring-summer 2022 collection of the famous fashion house.

The meaning of the colour black is associated with power, fear, mystery, authority, elegance, formality, malice, aggression, rebellion and sophistication. Black is a mysterious colour often associated with the unknown or the negative. The black colour also represents power, seriousness and authority.

The white lotus flower means primarily innocence and purity. Since it represents the clean spirit, it helps people in stressful times and allows us to not leave the past behind and continue on the path of life. It also represents equality and unity.

And the white Lotus flower on the chest of the neckline dress symbolizes rebirth, self-renewal and spiritual enlightenment, and the ability to thrive despite challenging conditions.


The dress of the year 2021

The interview, which attracted around 60 million viewers worldwide in 70 countries, was one of the highlights of 2021. And the dress preferred in such an important interview was also chosen as the “dress of the year 2021”. In the statement made by the Fashion Museum in Bath, England, it was stated that the dress was chosen because of the messages it contains and its power to reach consciousness. “The softly structured Armani dress with a beautiful appliqué floral motif was part of a carefully chosen look,” museum director Rosemary Harden said in a statement. “It was guaranteed to send a message and to stamp our consciousness over and over again,” he said.

The Fashion Museum

The museum is located in the Houses of Parliament in Bath, Somerset, England. The collection was started in 1963 by women’s fashion historian Doris Langley Moore. It contains around 100,000 objects. The Fashion Museum (known as the Costume Museum before 2007) documents the history of fashion through a collection of contemporary and historical clothing. During the Dress of the Year award, fashion experts are invited to select a dress that represents the most important innovation in contemporary fashion to enter the museum’s collections. And a dress that reflects the cultural, sociological, historical and artistic characteristics of that year is chosen. In the statement made by the Fashion Museum Bath, it was noted that the interview attracted approximately 60 million viewers worldwide in 70 countries, and it was stated that it was one of the most important moments of 2021. And for this reason, Armani’s design con Lotus flower was also found worthy to be exhibited in the museum.

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