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NASA begins flying taxi trials

The dream came true. NASA has announced that the electric flying taxi has begun test flights.

NASA has started test flights to test the small, 100% electric, vertical takeoff and landing eVTOL aircraft. The trials, which will last approximately two weeks, will take place at the Joby Electric Flight Base in Big Sur, near California.

NASA continues to work on eVTOL aircraft that will be used in the future for short trips, transportation of emergency medical services or supplies between cities. Given its small size, NASA eVTOL aircraft will not be used to transport large numbers of people over long distances, but will serve as a commercial passenger service and freight transport over short distances.

At the end of the test flights, real data on the performance of eVTOL will be collected. It will be determined whether it causes danger and discomfort in the open air area. Whether it disturbs public peace remains to be seen. With more than 50 microphones ready to monitor and measure aircraft noise at different stages of flight, the acoustic characteristics of the aircraft will be determined in all its details. The test will also help identify gaps in current Federal Aviation Administration regulations and policies so that eVTOL aircraft can be used safely and efficiently.


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