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New Vatican guidelines on weddings:

“No sex before marriage!”

Vita gazette – The Vatican has issued a directive on marriage. The document, which advises newlyweds to “Prioritize getting to know each other over sex”, states, “The Church should never lack the courage to propose the precious virtue of chastity, even if this is in direct contrast to the prevailing mentality now.”

The Vatican launches new guidelines for marriage preparation and the indication to avoid sex before the wedding remains. The declaration also included statements about the role of sex in the context of a correct and successful marriage, healthy relationship and communication.

Emphasizing the importance of communication and mutual understanding for healthy, long-term marriages, the statement states: “Celebrating a marriage with a weak foundation, done with superficial preparation, carries risks. They disperse in a short time. And they can’t resist the first inevitable crises. “These failures bring great suffering and leave deep scars on people. The Church must never lack the courage to propose the precious virtue of chastity, even though this is now in direct contrast to the common mentality. It is worthwhile to help young spouses to know how to find the time to deepen their friendship and to welcome the grace of God. Certainly premarital chastity favors this path. Even in the case in which one finds oneself talking to cohabiting couples, it is never useless to talk about the virtue of chastity ” .

And again, in the Vatican document, it was also said that “taking a break from sex” is a healthy method for solving problems in a healthy way in times of marital crisis. And in this process, it was also stressed that the Church should help couples heal from the breakup experienced in marriage. “But despite all the support the Church can offer to couples in crisis, there are, nevertheless, situations in which separation is inevitable. Sometimes it can even become morally necessary, when it is a question of rescuing the weakest spouse, or small children, from the most serious wounds caused by bullying and violence, degradation and exploitation, strangeness and indifference “continues the document.

In the document, which stated that separation should be considered as a ‘last resort’ after all methods have been tried, it was noted that the church should also support separated, divorced and abandoned couples. And it was noted that divorced and abandoned people in the society should be approached with understanding.

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