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The best European cities to live in

Vita gazette – Two Italian cities have entered the top 10 list of the best European cities. Immortal cities Rome and Milan.

Resonance Consultancy has also produced Europe’s Best Cities Report this year. London is the top city, Paris second, and Milan and Rome rise to tenth and fourth place, respectively.

Resonance Consultancy takes care of this with a multidisciplinary team that has completed over 100 projects dedicated to developing cities and neighbourhoods. There are 100 cities in total; below are the top 10.

  1. London

London is in the lead, like last year. In 2022, London ranked third globally (and first in Europe) among the cities with the highest spending by international travellers, worth €14.88 billion.

  1. Paris

The French capital is stable compared to last year and remains second.

  1. Berlin

The German capital also rose compared to seventh place in 2023. Sports are also notable, with the Special Olympics World Games being the largest inclusive sporting event in the world, and culture, with the Berlinale. Berlin is also one of the most significant centres for the LGBTIQ+ community

  1. Rome

The other Italian cities besides Milan also rose compared to last year. History and archaeology are particularly appreciated: recently, many places have been opened to visitors, such as Largo di Torre, Argentina.

  1. Madrid

The city’s sustainability of the urban heritage is praised.

  1. Prague

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and one of Central Europe’s favourite cities, is located in the northwestern part of the country and fascinates its visitors with its deeply rooted history and architectural structure. Prince Premysl and Princess Libuse supposedly founded the city, and it is on the “UNESCO World Heritage List”.

  1. Barcelona

The main centre of Catalonia is in the top ten due to its climate, architecture and beaches. After a century and a half, Gaudi’s church has almost been finished.

  1. Amsterdam is the capital of Holland. It has one of the most consolidated urban fabrics in Europe, with buildings mostly dating back to the 17th century. The old part of the city is made up of interconnected crescent-shaped canals. Some historic houses on both sides of these canals are used today as homes, while the remainder are used as public or private workplaces. In particular, Dam Square in Amsterdam is very famous and attracts visitors from many parts of the world.
  2. Istanbul

The city that unites Europe and Asia is in ninth place, thanks to the renovation work for the centenary of the Turkish Republic in October 2023, partly overshadowed by the earthquake in February of last year. Istanbul’s historic port, Galataport, has been renovated in a $1.7 billion project.

  1. Milan

In tenth place is the Lombardy capital. The city enters the top ten this year: a centre of finance, design and fashion, it is the favourite destination of many wealthy tourists. From the English fleeing Brexit to the Russians looking for a home, to whom Milan also offers luxury properties, hotels and social clubs. The strategic proximity to other European capitals and the upcoming 2026 Winter Olympic Games are also mentioned among the strong points.

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