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Laura Pausini: :

“I hate fascism and any form of dictatorship”

Vita gazette – On Spanish television, Laura Pausini defended herself after she was criticized for refusing to sing “Bella Ciao” on the grounds that “I find it too political”. Pausini explained the reasons for refraining from singing the song in a post on his Twitter account and said, “I hate fascism and any kind of dictatorship.”

Her refusal to sing Bella ciao on the Spanish program sparked an uproar on Italian social networks between support, insults and irony. Laura Pausini wrote in response to a post: “I do not sing political songs, neither from the right nor from the left. I’ve been singing what I think about life for 30 years. That fascism is an absolute shame seems obvious to everyone. I don’t want anyone to use me for political propaganda”. But this was not enough to calm the controversy.

Thereupon, Laura Pausini expressed the following views in a message she wrote on her twitter account in Italian and Spanish.

“I wanted to express my point of view after the controversy of these days. In an impromptu, light and pure entertainment television situation, I chose not to sing a hymn of freedom but repeatedly exploited over the years in different political contexts. As a woman, before being an artist, I have always been for freedom and the values ​​linked to it. I abhor fascism and all forms of dictatorship. My music and my career have demonstrated the values ​​I have always believed in”.

“I wanted to avoid being dragged and exploited in such a heated and unpleasant moment of the electoral campaign” concludes Laura Pausini, “unfortunately it wasn’t like that. I respect my audience and I will continue to do so, with the freedom to choose how to express myself “.

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