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The cleanest sea in Italy is in Puglia

Vita gazette – The cleanest sea in Italy is in Puglia, in second place is Sardinia and in third place Tuscany.

The National Environmental Protection System analyzes approximately 30,000 samples taken from Italian seas and lakes every year.

Every year the bathing waters are subjected to periodic checks to ensure the health of bathers in Puglia.  Also this year Puglia is first in Italy for the quality of bathing water. Not only. It is also first for the number of samples analyzed in the laboratory and second only for the number of monitored points, after Sicily which enjoys a much more extensive coastline.

This year too, there are many regions in which over 90% of water is considered excellent, adding even the good ones to 94% at the national level. In particular, Puglia has 99% of excellent waters, Sardinia 97.6% and Tuscany 96%. Followed by Emilia-Romagna with 93.8% of excellent waters, Veneto with 91.4%, Friuli-Venezia Giulia with 90.9%. Among the regions that have over 80% of excellent waters are: Marche (89.8%) Basilicata (86.7%), Liguria (86.3%), Calabria (85.5%), Lazio (84 , 1%), Molise (83.3%), Campania (82.8%) and Sicily (80.6%). At the bottom of the ranking is Abruzzo with 71.9%.

Puglia                                                     Sardegna                                                          Toscana

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