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Exemplary traffic fines around the world

Vita gazette – The new highway code in Italy brings significant changes. In particular, using a mobile phone without earphones or hands-free will cost up to 1,697 euros, with a suspension of the driving license for two months and a deduction of 10 points for the first violation. These penalties will further increase for repeat offenders.

The Council of Ministers has approved the new decree tightening sanctions prepared by the Ministry for safe driving on the roads, brought to the agenda by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Matteo Salvini. These measures were approved by the Council of Ministers and issued in response to the alarming increase in deaths on Italian roads, which in 2022 recorded 3,159 victims, almost 10% more than in 2021, primarily caused by distraction, failure to respect the rules on precedence and excessive speed.

The government has taken a “zero tolerance” approach to people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, imposing a blanket ban on consuming alcohol after specific convictions and requiring the installation of a device called an “alcolock” to prevent the starting of the vehicle if the driver has a blood alcohol level above zero.

Other provisions include restrictions for new drivers, who will have to drive smaller-engined vehicles for three years before being able to drive large-engined cars, and new rules for using scooters, with helmets, license plates and insurance required.

One of the most anticipated changes is the regulation of speed cameras, with a more rigorous definition of the technical specifications and their positioning. This discipline has been awaited for 13 years, according to the Association of Supporters of the Traffic Police (ASAPS), due to thousands of sentences that have annulled the reports relating to speed cameras.

The new regulation tightens sanctions is expected to be submitted to parliament for approval in October.

 The Measures

  1. Greater penalties for using a cell phone while driving: The fines for using a telephone without earphones or hands-free will increase significantly, with penalties of up to 1,697 euros for the first violation, with suspension of the license for two months and a reduction of 10 points. The sanctions will be even heavier for repeat offenders.
  2. More severe penalties for speeding: At the mayors’ request, the fines for those who exceed the speed limits within residential areas will be considerably high, up to 1,084 euros. Your license will be suspended for 15-30 days in case of repeat offences.
  3. Regulation of speed cameras: More stringent rules will be introduced for using speed cameras, including technical specifications on the devices and their positioning.
  4. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs: Anyone who drives while intoxicated or after taking drugs risks having their license suspended for up to 3 years. An absolute ban on the consumption of alcohol is imposed after specific convictions and the installation of a device called “alcolock.”
  5. Restrictions for new drivers: New drivers will have to drive smaller-engined vehicles for three years before they can drive large-engined cars.
  6. New rules for scooters: Stricter rules will be introduced for the use of scooters, including the obligation to wear a helmet, license plate and insurance.
  7. Expansion of cycle paths: The expansion of roads suitable for creating cycle paths is envisaged.

According to data published by the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) in July 2022, 3,159 people died in road accidents in the country, while 223,475 people were injured. This figure corresponds to an increase of 9.9% compared to 2021.

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