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Global alert: Drought!

Vita gazette – The declaration of a state of emergency in 5 regions surrounding the Po River, which accounts for 1/3 of Italy’s agricultural production and experienced the driest period in 70 years, once again showed that the whole world should put the “drought problem” first.

The negative effects of rivers and lakes drying up in various countries in recent years were last seen in Italy. ESA probes showed the dried up state of the Po, while the Piave and Tagliamento rivers were also suffering. The images show that all of northern Italy is starving. A state of emergency was declared in 5 regions (Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto) that make up about one-third of the country’s agricultural production and surround the Po River. The government also decided to donate 36.5 million euros to the regions in question. In summary, the drying up of two thirds of the PO River, the latest situations of Piave and Tagliamento and the subsequent alarms revealed that urgent measures should be taken for the problem. Not only Italy, but the whole world…

Why are the rivers drying up?

The drying up of rivers and the decrease in water levels, which have been increasing gradually in recent years, cause major environmental problems and decrease in the quality of life. But why are rivers that once flowed with enthusiasm now dry up?

First of all, due to climate changes, our world no longer receives as much precipitation as before. This increases the water problem. With less precipitation, the water level in the rivers gradually decreases and eventually dries up.

Secondly, phenomena such as dams, pollution and transportation cause rivers to dry up. Many animal species are also disappearing due to drying up rivers. And it appears as a separate reality where the lakes also go to the same end. In other words, the shortage of clean water turns into a situation that is at least as dangerous as global warming.

60% of the world’s rivers are dying!

A study last year revealed that 60 percent of all rivers in the world are experiencing significant water scarcity. According to the results of the research conducted by the Senckenberg Society for Natural Studies, it has been announced that the annual water loss of major rivers such as the Nile River in Egypt, the Yellow River in China and the Rio Grande in North America is equivalent to the complete cessation of their water one day a year. And pointing out that more than half of the world’s population lives near major rivers where water loss occurs, it was pointed out that the decrease in river waters is due to climate change, intensive land use and consumption of resources.

What should be done?

In order to prevent the drying up of rivers that meet the needs of millions of living things, states must take joint decisions to solve the problem as soon as possible. These decisions should be aimed at using the limited resources we have with maximum efficiency against the ever-changing climatic conditions and uncontrolled growing industries… The misuse of water must be prevented and the health of the water must be managed well according to seasonal conditions… For all these, scientific and economic investments must be started urgently… Budgets allocated to armament and war should be transferred to our dying world in the intensive care room, to water resources in many parts of the world… According to experts, 20 percent of drought is caused by climate change and 80 percent is due to misuse. And here are the things that need to be done urgently:

“The biological, hydrological and ecological integrity of natural water resources must be protected. Integrated water resources management should be adopted. For efficient water quality and consumption, investment should be made in this area first. In the fight against climate change, early warning systems against drought and floods should be established. Climatic conditions should be taken into account when arranging cities and agriculture. Inefficient water wastage must be put to an end in agriculture, where water is used the most. In order to support the natural cycle of water, wastewater infrastructure should be developed technologically, all wastewater should be further treated and used as agricultural irrigation and urban utility water. The budget and quality of water resources must be protected under all conditions and climates. Policies that encourage organic agriculture and sustainable scientific agriculture practices should be preferred against pesticides and similar pollutants. Individual waste of water should be avoided. For this, emphasis should be placed on education. Municipalities should implement water security plans. It should prevent wastage of water. For this, it should give priority to the principles of protecting and using water and the fight against leakage and loss.

Responsible and conscientious individuals!

Individuals have a responsibility in this regard. We have no right to dry up and pollute our waters. We need to remember that plants and animals also give life in every drying process. Protecting and investing in water resources, we must cooperate with politicians and be alert when necessary…


Our water resources will evaporate and disappear, replaced by pale beaches of sand, dirt and mud. Rusty water pipes that once stretched across areas that turned into deserts from great rivers will remain as souvenirs to survivors. And the thirst crisis will hit all living things around the world, from plants to animals to humans. Therefore, countries should act with common sense to take joint measures, and produce urgent methods for the protection of rivers and lakes for the future.

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