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The Grand Canal has become the target of environmentalists!

Vita gazette – Yesterday afternoon, the paint was poured into the water from the vaporetto. Suddenly, the Grand Canal changed colour and became tinged with green and red.

First of all, people thought that behind this gesture could be a demonstrative action by the international environmental movement “Extinction Rebellion,” known for its peaceful protests aimed at raising awareness of the urgency of tackling the climate crisis.

Moreover, the group is not new to similar actions. In 2023, the activists coloured several rivers, from the waters of the Tiber to those of the Grand Canal of Venice itself, passing through the Navigli and the Po in Turin, as a form of protest during World Day for Climate Justice.

However, yesterday’s gesture for climate justice was not organised by members of local groups but rather by individuals outside the Venetian community.

It remains to be clarified whether the dye spilt into the Grand Canal is harmless or could pose an environmental risk. At the moment, all we know is that it was probably poured into the water by a Vaporetto on line 1, coming from the Giglio stop and heading towards the Accademia, right where the blockade by the police took place.

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