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Great environmentalist step from Italy

Vita Gazette- Italy, one of the leading countries of the European Union (EU), has taken a new step towards the EU’s zero-carbon emissions target. The government has put legislation on its agenda to stop the production and sale of vehicles using internal combustion engines until 2035.

By 2035, the European Commission wanted all companies on the continent to stop making fossil-fueled cars and switch to types of industry that didn’t harm the environment. In addition to the EU recommendation, many car manufacturers around the world have focused on the development of electric and hydrogen vehicles in recent years due to the damage of fossil fuels to the environment and their contribution to global warming. For this reason, Italy has accepted a provision in line with the European Union’s (EU) zero carbon emissions objective and has included it in its agenda as a state policy. The joint ministerial committee formed by the Minister of Ecological Transformations, Roberto Cingolani, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructures, Enrico Giovannini, and the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, determined the timetable for the replacement of vehicles with internal combustion engines in Italy. As a result, it aims to stop the production and sale of internal combustion engine vehicles in Italy by 2035. For vans and light commercial vehicles, the cut-off date will be 2040. the government will seek to enforce this decision by presenting it to parliament. If the decision becomes law, starting from 2035 only electric and hydrogen cars will be able to circulate.

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