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Up to € 6,000 bonus for green cars

Vita gazette – The government is preparing a new decree that contributes to electric, hybrid and diesel vehicles. According to the decree, those who buy ecological cars will be paid up to 6,000 euros. Funding is expected until 2030.

Incentives for cars deemed low-polluting are back. Discounts range from 1250 euros up to 6 thousand. In a few days and through dpcm this measure will also be launched, which will give way to facilitations for the purchase of the machine.

Vehicles covered

Electric, hybrid and diesel companies, as well as motorcycles and car sharing companies, will also benefit from the government bonus. The less the car pollutes, the greater the bonus. If it were possible to buy a car that costs a total of 50,000 euros plus VAT, about 61,000 euros in 2021, only the models that cost 35,000 euros plus VAT this year will be able to benefit from the incentives. Speaking differently for hybrids. Ceilings of 45 thousand euros plus VAT. The energy decree provides for an automotive sector to which several hundred million euros are earmarked, not only for incentives. For 2022 this is 700 million euros. While for 2023 it is one billion by 2030.

The maximum list price, excluding VAT, cannot exceed € 35,000 unless it is a hybrid, in which case it can reach € 45,000. If you are looking to buy an electric car, the state contribution is equal to 4 thousand euros. The latter can reach up to 6 thousand in the event that a Euro 5 vehicle registered to the buyer or a family member who has lived with it for at least a year is scrapped. 

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