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Europe’s most beautiful towns

Vita gazette – CNN has chosen the fifteen “most beautiful” cities in Europe outside the big cities. The list included Anghiari and Mazara del Vallo pearls from Italy. Here are some of the most beautiful towns in Europe, from humble fishing towns to hilly medieval power bases.

Giethoorn – Netherlands

Giethoorn, reminiscent of Venice with its historic structure and canals dating back to the Middle Ages, is at the top of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Giethoorn, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, takes its visitors to a picturesque fairytale village with its lush nature, colorful flowers, pretty riverside houses, lively restaurants, narrow canals and boats and boats that provide transportation.


Guimarães – Portugal

Considered the cradle of Portuguese culture, the city is also the birthplace of King Alfonso I. Guimarães is crucial to Portugal’s history. It was named the country’s first capital in the 12th century, and its medieval core remains largely intact, full of convents, grand old palaces and a crumbling castle, perched on top of a bluff.

Roscoff – France

Roscoff is the port center of Brittany which is a French municipality. You can admire the Gothic church of Notre-Dame-de-Kroaz-Baz with a beautiful bell tower built in the Renaissance period. Also famous for the export of pink onions to the United Kingdom.

                  Guimaraes                                                                                   Roscoff   

Anghiari – Italy

This is a village in the province of Arezzo that went down in history as it was the scene of the famous Anghiari battle between Milanese and Florentines. It is a legendary battle painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1440. Set on a hillside near the Tuscany-Umbria border, Anghiari is a small walled town that twists around itself. Accompanied by stunning scenery, the town is filled with majestic palazzi, alleys and roller coasters built by mysterious, mercenary soldiers during the Renaissance.

Nafplio – Greece

The magnificent Nafplio was the first capital of modern Greece. The Venetian-made castle is located on the Aegean Sea in the Peloponnese, with its old city behind the old walls.

                     Anghiar                                                                                          Napflio 

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzigovina

Mostar’s “Old Bridge,” was long considered one of the finest examples of Balkan Islamic architecture. Arcing high across the Neretva river, it’s one of the most famous sights in the Balkans. The bridge was destroyed in November 1993 by Croat forces during the Balkan wars. A reconstructed bridge was built in 2004.

Mazara del Vallo – Sicily

Sicily is an island that fuses cultures. One of the best indicators of this is Mazara del Vallo. Countless cultures live together on the island, which was founded by the Phoenicians about 3,000 years ago. In 1998, an ancient bronze sculpture, the Satiro Danzante, or dancing satyr, was removed from the sea.

              Mostar’s bridge                                                                     Mazara del Vallo 

Clovelly – England

Clovelly is an English fishing village, overlooking the Bristol Channel and located on the north coast of Devon, bordering Cornwall. Administratively, it is a civil parish in the Torridge district.

Dinkelsbühl – Germany

Located on Germany’s “Romantic Road” known for its charming towns, Dinkelsbühl has it all: the quaint historic centre; picturesque wooden houses; historic solid towers; A very important Gothic church, St. George’s Cathedral. Surrounded by medieval walls, Dinkelsbuhl was also used as the set for Werner Herzog’s movie “The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser”

              Clovelly                                                                                     Dinkelsbuhl 

Korčula – Croatia

A small peninsula in peace in the Adriatic Sea. It is a world class town with shimmering white streets, buildings hewn from local stone, waters that surround it almost everywhere, and beautiful buildings left behind by the Venetians who ruled here for centuries.

Kenmare – Ireland

On the southwestern tip of Ireland, the land melts into the ocean in County Kerry. Kenmare dandles on the bay of the same name, where the Roughty River slides into the sea. This is in the middle of some of Ireland’s best loved ares. İt’s on the Wild Atlantic Way, between the Ring of Kerry and the Ring of Beara. Kenmare is known for its food, and for its views — with grand mountains rearing up behind the pristine bay.

Korčula                                                                                                          Kenmare

Piran – Slovenia

Though small, this stretch of coast, sandwiched between Italy and Croatia, is home to several beautiful towns, including Piran. Developed by the Venetians, who conquered it in 1283, it’s a beautiful mini Venice, with a stout belltower, frothy architecture, and fishing boats docked in the tiny harbor.

Reine – Norway

A cute Norwegian town: remote;  tiny; waterside. Reine, the joy of the Lofoten Islands, whose pretty red cabins sit at the base of craggy mountain peaks that make this a cross between the Dolomites and Ha Long Bay. This is one of the most spectacular spots in the Lofoten.

                     Pirano                                                                                     Reine 

Regencos – Spain
Regencos is an ancient medieval town on the Costa Brava. Just south of the “Dali Triangle,” the area where the surrealist artist lived and worked, it’s a mountain-fringed area of quiet medieval villages. Regencos, slightly larger, has remnants of its medieval walls, a pretty church, and traditional stone houses whirling out from the center. As far as Spain’s tourist-filled coastlines go, the Costa Brava, in Catalonia, is relatively quiet, but it doesn’t hold a candle to peaceful Regencos, just 10 minutes inland.
Tarnów – Poland
The long journey to discover the most beautiful cities in Europe according to CNN ends with Tarnow, in Poland, called the “pearl of the Renaissance” due to the presence of several works of art among the most important in the whole country. The pretty medieval buildings, and the old town square is a glorious mix of architectural styles. There’s a beautiful gothic church and a lot of Jewish heritage.

                Regencos                                                                                          Tarnow

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