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They gave first place in the islands to Italy.

The most beautiful island in the world: Ischia

Vita gazette – Are you looking for new places for dreams, for isolation, for peace? We find all of these on the islands that the sea hides with its blue, smell and sound. They also made a choice for these paradises of peace. And they gave the first place to Italy again. The most beautiful island of 2022 is Ischia, one of the pearls of the Gulf of Naples.

The famous travel magazine Travel + Leisure determined the 25 most beautiful islands of 2022 in line with the opinions of its readers. After the cities and villages that must be visited, the most beautiful island of this year was chosen from Italy. Shining as one of the pearls of the Gulf of Naples in the south of Italy, this lovely islet has even surpassed the Maldives, Bali and Greek islands in terms of beauty and charm.

Travel + Leisure conducts a survey each year asking users to collectively rate their travel experience. The survey takes into account the attractions offered by the touristic destination, the nature and the friendliness of the local people.

The winner of 2022 was the island of Ischia, an hour away by ferry from Naples, with a score of 94.61. Ischia is in first place, while Maldives is in second place with 94.44 points. Then comes Bali and the Greek island of Milos.

Almost all of the readers described the people of Ishia as “very kind and helpful”. And they chose Ischia first for its physically picturesque landscapes, hot springs, and pristine beaches, including the famous Maronti. There are countless accommodation solutions on this beautiful island: from great villas to five-star hotels and the cheapest hostels.

25 most beautiful islands of 2022

  1. Ischia
  2. Maldive
  3. Bali
  4. Milos
  5. Isole Figi
  6. Isole Galapagos
  7. Phuket, Tailandia
  8. Dominica
  9. Boracay, Filippine
  10. Isola di Cape Breton
  11. Palawan, Filippine
  12. Paros
  13. Azzorre
  14. Phu Quok, Vietnam
  15. Moorea, Polinesia francese
  16. Cebu, Filippine
  17. Ibiza
  18. Saint Vincent e Grenadine
  19. Madera
  20. Maui
  21. Anguilla, Caraibi
  22. Creta
  23. Mackinac Island
  24. Isola di Hawaii
  25. Kiawah Island
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