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Was the Roman emperor Elagabalus a trans woman?

Vita gazette – In England, The North Hertfordshire Museum has chosen to define the Roman emperor Elagabalus with the female pronoun.

The decision to build a museum in England regarding the gender of the ancient Roman Emperor Elagabalus, debated among historians and academics for a long time, has added a new dimension to the discussions.

The North Hertfordshire Museum in England will now refer to former Roman Emperor Elagabalus as a “trans woman”.

Museum policy states that pronouns used in exhibits will be “that the person in question might have used themselves” or “that are appropriate in retrospect.”

Historical records show that the unfortunate emperor, who reigned for four years before being murdered at the age of 18, told a lover, “Do not call me Lord, for I am a Lady.”

It is claimed that the ruler, who is sometimes referred to as the “trans-Emperor of Rome”, “requested that a female genital organ be made” for him.

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