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Activists dye Italian rivers green

Vita gazette – Climate activists have drawn attention to the world’s biggest problem. From Milan on the Naviglio Grande, to the Po in Turin and under the Rialto Bridge in Venice and Rome, the waters of the Tiber have turned green.

Coordinated protests across Italy by climate activists from Extinction Rebellion. “In a few hours, these waters will return to how they were before. The slogan of the protest: “In the meantime, while governments speak, we count the damage and victims of continuous floods and fires. The world collapses! Act now.”

The rivers of the leading Italian cities, Rome, Milan, Venice, Bologna, and Turin, were dyed green by activists to denounce yet another political failure of COP28 and world governments in combating the climate crisis and the sixth mass extinction. The actions were coordinated throughout Italy using fluorescein, a harmless dye also used as a tracer or to signal the position of divers missing in the water.

In Turin and Milan, an underwater house appeared in the green waters of the Po and the Navigli, while in Venice, some people hung with harnesses from the Rialto bridge above the green waters of the Grand Canal. In Bologna, some dinghies were released into the famous Reno canal, which passes through the city centre. In Rome, the Tiber Island was surrounded by the green waters of the Tiber. It is a harmless salt plumber used as a tracer and even to signal the position of divers lost at sea.

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