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Goodbye to Giorgio Napolitano!

“Formidable grandfather”

Vita gazette – Sofia May Napolitano, granddaughter of the President Emeritus of the Republic, remembered her grandfather who passed away last Friday in Montecitorio: “He was a politician and leader of great value but also a formidable grandfather”.

The secular state funeral of the President Emeritus of the Republic, who passed away at 98 on 22 September, took place in the Chamber. Also present, among others, were French President Macron and German President Steinmeier. Many people were in front of the two maxi screens set up in Piazza Montecitorio and the adjacent Piazza Capranica. The body was buried in the non-Catholic cemetery in Rome.

The former president’s granddaughter, Sofia May Napolitano, expressed the feeling of being unable to hide in front of the room where the funeral ceremony took place and explained that her grandfather was a particular person in his private life.

“An affectionate and present grandfather, like many others. But not just any grandfather. He was a politician and leader of great value but also a formidable grandfather, always present, who listened to our problems in a participatory way and tried to offer solutions. He always wrote to us, even when we didn’t know how to read yet. he called us when he saw cartoons on television that he thought we would like. He always found time for me and Simone, despite his busy schedule. He taught us how important it is to love what you do and fight for your ideals, regardless of the obstacles or complications to overcome.

In England and Switzerland, where we studied, he was never condescending or pushy. He was always interested in our interests; it didn’t matter what career we chose as long as we were happy and fulfilled.

The fact that he was such a great grandfather is a testament to the great man he was. Thus, among the representatives of institutions and civil life at the highest levels. He gave us great opportunities, accompanied us to concerts and political and institutional initiatives and introduced us to outstanding personalities, including Queen Elizabeth, to whom he was particularly close. Even today, his advice makes us feel confident when facing difficult choices in our love and professional lives. We always felt proud to be his grandchildren. He will always be the person we admire most. I hope you can all remember him with the same affection and admiration we have for him.”

In Montecitorio, right next to the moved Sofia, was the 24-year-old Simone. The two young people were born from the marriage between Giovanni Napolitano and his wife, Darlene Tymo. Giorgio Napolitano also had another son, Giulio, born in 1969, who teaches at Roma Tre University today. His brother Giovanni works at the Antitrust as head of the international affairs office.

Napolitano was buried at the non-Catholic cemetery in Rome

President emeritus Giorgio Napolitano was buried in the non-Catholic cemetery of Rome, in the Ostiense area, where several illustrious figures such as Antonio Gramsci, Carlo Emilio Gadda, Andrea Camilleri, Miriam Mafa rest. But also some great English poets, including John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

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