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Renaissance Fragrant Gardens

The winds of art, aesthetics, romance and peace blowing in the Italian peninsula extend to private gardens. Aesthetics and charm dance in harmony in the gardens where skilled and talented hands work like lace. Sculptures, fountains, orange and lemon trees, plants, flowers and ancient stones are listed as prominent elements in the gardens created in the common areas of each house or flat. Each of the priceless gardens, carefully prepared from the smallest to the largest, turns into islands of peace and inspiration that inspire artists and poets.

Sound of water…

It is possible to reflect the Renaissance effect on our balconies, terraces and gardens with small touches. A few taps take these spaces to the next level. It improves the quality of life. It offers comfort and peace. The sound of water from a small fountain or a three-story swimming pool creates a soothing effect. Plants and flowers accompanying the sounds of dripping water increase the effect of visual beauty. The stone materials used on the walls and walkways emphasize the ancient atmosphere created. Small fish and plants to be thrown into the pool contribute to the naturalness of the environment. All we need is imagination and action…

Here are some examples of charming gardens in beautiful Italy:

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