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Open letter to our human friends

Dear human friends,

This year we know very well that the usual New Year celebrations will be able to be held. However, we know there will still be artifice games and barrels. We like to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of the new one with you, but if you don’t have a good memory, loud noises scare us. Every New Year, we are so afraid that we don’t care for ourselves and put ourselves in danger. We have lost many close friends. For this reason, we have decided to get together, and with the feathers kindly offered by our feathered friends, we are writing to let you know what it would be appropriate to do and avoid for our salvation.

Dear human friends, now almost all of you know well that our hearing is mainly developed. The noises produced by the barrels confuse us and stun us. The frightened feathered friends leave their nests and, dazed, they cannot return quickly, often dying from the cold or bumping into the high voltage wires. Four-legged friends, like dogs left in gardens or open places, are frightened so much that even if they love their human friends, they run away, putting their lives in danger by not noticing cars arriving or unable to return to their usual homes. Cat friends would like to stay so far away from the noise that they look for a safe place inside the houses where they stay even for a whole day. Think what anguish for our little hearts!

So, human friends, know that for those of you who have the luck and the pleasure of sharing life with us cats and dogs, it would be helpful to take us in your arms a few hours before midnight and until the end of the barrels. It would be very useful if you want to turn on and distract us with music and TV and then if you want to spoil us a little with biscuits and delicacies we will not be against it !! Hehe !! It is useless to administer tranquilisers when we do not see you. They are not suitable for us and often increase our anxiety. Forget it! Our best tranquilizer is being in your company: stay with us, take us with you. We will not make you look bad: paw on the heart! If you can, avoid shooting barrels in places surrounded by nature where feathered friends can get stunned and lose their young. You say it was not easy for us to round up the wild friends, but we can assure you that your attention would be appreciated, too. We do not want to bore you any further, so we hope to spend many good times with you during the most subdued celebrations this year; however, we are trembling for our very lives! Thanks, human friends !!

Merry Christmas!

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