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UN: Guterres, “climate collapse has begun”

Vita gazette – United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned today that the climate collapses after Europe’s Copernicus Observatory said 2023 was likely the hottest year. “Our planet just endured a boiling season, the hottest summer. Climate collapse has begun,” Guterres said.

In his written statement, UN Secretary-General Guterres drew attention to climate change. Recalling that scientists have long warned of the possible effects of dependence on fossil fuels, Guterres said that extreme weather events affect every corner of the world.

Antonio Guterres warned: “Our planet has gone through a boiling period. The hottest summer on record has occurred. Climate destruction has begun.”

Guterres emphasised that rising temperatures require more action: “Leaders must act to solve the climate issue. We can still prevent the climate crisis from reaching its worst point. We have no time to waste.”

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