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Von der Leyn: “Growth in Italy has never been so fast since the beginning of the century”

Vita Gazette- After The Economist magazine praised the Italian economy, another confession came from the president of the European Commission: Von der Leyn said: “Italy’s growth has never been so fast since the turn of the century.”

The weekly British political-economic information magazine The Economist declared Italy the country of the year. “Italy is the best country in Europe. It has achieved a high vaccination rate against Covid and its economy is recovering faster than neighboring countries “crowning Mario Draghi’s term as prime minister. Applause for the magazine also came from the EU. This was stated by the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in her address at the inauguration of the Academic Year of the Catholic University of Milan.

“Thanks to European solidarity and Italy’s ability to effectively manage the pandemic, the Italian economy is growing faster than at any other time since the beginning of this century. Italian will return to pre-crisis levels by the middle of next year, in time for the degrees of the greatest among you. Orders are growing and companies are looking for staff. There have never been so many job offers in recent years. And yet too many young people are still unemployed. In these months of economic recovery, youth employment is growing more slowly than that of other age groups. Time to change things. I want an economy that works for young people like you. An economy that matches your expectations. A European Union for the next generation.”

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