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Do You Want to Contact Me?

I’m a cat named prince, accepted me into your life as a friend. You share your cozy home with me. We are now one big, loving family. So don’t you want to get to know me in order to communicate with me better? Animal behavior expert Emma Grigg of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has listed the signs that will help both of us as a result of her studies. Can you read please?

Do I love You?

If I’m walking between your legs, rubbing my head between your ankle and knee, or the computer screen, I’m trying to show you my love. I have a gland in my cheek that I use for scent marking on my cheeks. By marking you, I make you a part of my world. I try to be close to the person I feel safe with. This is my most basic need. I may or may not want varying degrees of physical affection. This is completely different depending on my gender.

Why do I purr?

Yes, I usually purr when I’m satisfied. But don’t let this mislead you. If you really love me and you don’t want to lose me, you have to be careful. I also purr when I’m injured or dying. So I can also ask you for help by purring.

Why Do I Knead the Blanket?

I have a good habit from the infancy. From time to time I knead blankets or soft surfaces. When I was a baby, I used to knead my mother during suckling to allow the milk to flow easily and to relax. I continue this habit by doing it with a loved one and in bed. Thus, I relax myself and tell you, “You are an important person to me. I’m comfortable with you.”

Why Do I Chirp When I See Birds?

I’m confused about this too. But I know I get very excited, especially when I see prey I can’t catch. I may be making strange noises at the time. Similarly, I shake my body before jumping on the toys. So I prepare my muscles to jump, I see my prey better, and I improve my depth perception.

Why Do I Lie On Your Computer?

You are working more at home because of the pandemic. Naturally, you noticed that I was lying on your books and the computer keyboard. Yes, I like the warmth of your computer. But basically I love you so much. That’s why I’m imitating you, trying to get your attention. So I want to be with you. I also like to leave my scent where you are and to mark our common areas.

Beware of Catnip!

A small pinch of catnip can change my behavior. It makes me very soft, calm. But my friend Princess Vanessa gets aggressive when she eats the mint. This is thought to be due to the oil found in the plant called nepetalactone. This oil had a drug-like effect on our central nervous system. It started through the senses of smell. It causes a marked euphoric or hallucinogenic reaction in some cats. Don’t worry! Like I said, it calms me down.



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