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With the opening of borders:

Rome is also the world leader in haute cuisine

Vita gazette – Rome, the centre of culture, art and history, won the first prize in the kitchen too. Tripadvisor and tourists have travelled all over the world and have chosen the cuisine of the immortal city …

The world, long closed due to the pandemic, has received the good news that makes us smile just as borders begin to open. Of course, the whole world has its own unique dishes and flavours. Among them, there are some of the highest quality… But this year they gave first place to the immortal city of Rome. In Tripadvisor’s “Travelers’ Choice Awards 2022” ranking, the capital has established itself as the number one destination in the world for lovers of fine cuisine.

So what are we doing? On our first trip we immerse ourselves in the unique romantic setting of the immortal city. Let’s forget all the painful memories of the past with Roma. We are seated in one of the historic squares surrounded by buildings ranging from apricot to terracotta, from pink to beige, from swimming pools where the sound of water is not lacking. We enjoy the immortal city in its restaurants decorated with burgundy, red and white checkered tablecloths … Don’t forget to ask the waiter to turn up the volume of the Italian music!

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