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The ”first female boss” the Camorra mafia in Italy has died…

Vita gazette – Like a movie, her life was shot into movies and TV series, Asssunta Maresca, referred to in Italia as ‘Lady Camorra’,  ‘Camorra’s Black Widow’ and ‘first female mafia boss’ died at her home in her hometown of Castellammare di Stabia. Lei passed away of a heart attack on December 29.

Assunta Maresca was born in the town of Castellammare di Stabia near Naples and won a local beauty pageant in her youth and was nicknamed ‘Pupetta’ which means ‘doll ” means.

Maresca, married Camorra mob boss Pasquale Simonetti at the age of 20. Simonetti died in a mafia attack about three months after the wedding. A few months later, Pupetta Maresca shot her wedding witness Antonio Esposito in a café during the day on the grounds that he was responsible for the murder of her husband.

Convicted of Esposito’s murder, Maresca gave birth to her first child in prison and was released 10 years later. After his release from prison, he was back together with Umberto Ammaturo of the Camorra Mafia, and this relationship resulted in two children.

Maresca’s first son, Pasqualino, who was born in prison, disappeared at the age of 17 during this period. Maresca’s lover Ammaturo was accused of killing Pasqualino but was acquitted for lack of evidence.

In 1982, Maresca returned to the center of attention when he held a press conference while conflicts within the Mafia continued. Through the press, Maresca sent a message to Raffaele Cutolo, one of the protagonists of the conflicts between the Camorra clans, shouting to Cutolo: “ If you touch my family, I will kill your murderers, your servants, women and children the cradle.”

Maresca, who also starred in a film inspired by her own life, turned down the Gomorrah series about the Camorra mafia on the grounds that they ” negatively affect children ” would.

A public burial for Maresca in the church was prohibited by decision of the governor and the police. Merasca was buried in the cemetery after the coffin was inaugurated, with few people in attendance.

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