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Bergamo remembers the victims: “I will be reborn you will be reborn”

Vita gazette – Two years ago, the Covid entered our lives. Since that day, it has taken away both our loved ones. It still continues to die.

Two years ago, we woke up with the first images of military trucks carrying the coffins of Covid victims from Bergamo. There were so many in the city that they had to be transported to other municipalities for cremation. And the Covid victims also waited in line there. To cremate…

The blessing of the coffins all lined up inside the churches, the soldiers covered from head to toe by protective devices. The empty streets, the stillness in the air, the fear. That March 18, 2020 today became National Day in memory of the victims of Covid. Those who have not found a place in hospitals… Those who have left this world without having seen their dead mother, father or son for the last time… Messages of solidarity on balconies and windows, songs that give strength… And the health workers… Our angels who work day and night in hospitals. Our dear doctors who treat those who cannot find a place in home hospitals… Two years and the images of that mute pain are in our minds… And Roby Facchinetti’s song “I will be reborn, You will be reborn” is in our hearts…In memory of all of them, today is Bergamo… Today for our doctors… Today for Italy… and today I will be reborn, You will be reborn…

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