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Towards the election: September 25

Center-left alliance weakened!

Vita gazette – The progressive front, put together by PD secretary Enrico Letto, has lost its most beloved piece in the centre. Carlo Calenda canceled his agreement with the Democratic Party, citing conflicting participation.

The center-left electoral alliance broke down a few days after the agreement was signed. “This is one of the most painful decisions, but I do not intend to continue this alliance,” said Carlo Calenda. And what changed his mind was the agreements Letta made with both Sinistra Italiana and Verdi, as well as with Luigi Di Maio and Bruno Tabacci. “I was disappointed. The agreement signed by the Democratic Party is an election: it can be canceled but not diluted,” he said.

Calenda began by tweeting against Former Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who resigned from the 5 Star movement because of his stance against Ukrainian politics. “We don’t care about the fate of Di Maio, D’Inca’, Di Stefano and the company. On the contrary, the sooner they return to their former occupations, the better for the country. Let’s close this story now”.

Di Maio, who supports Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s relations-rhetoric with the USA, NATO, EU and Ukraine and criticizes his former party, “became the ‘wingman’ of the centre-left coalition after he started his criticisms of Calenda from the ‘great centre’. As a result, I understand the difficulties he has in announcing that he is finally a candidate for the centre-left, even to his party’s newcomers and voters. It is surprising that he used the harshest expressions in his explanations. With this attitude, he is breaking the coalition even before it is formed. Frankly, Calenda can do whatever he wants, but with less arrogance and more respect”. he said.

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