April 25th and poppies

by Andira Vitale

The resolute red poppies of liberated Italy. In Italy, the poppy is revered as the emblem of the Resistance and of April 25th. It is a tenacious flower, able to thrive even in unwelcome conditions, making it a valid symbol of Freedom. It grows autonomously, defying all odds.

Let’s escape to Ischia!

Do you want peace in an Italian nostalgic atmosphere? Then we escape to Ishia, which is chosen as the most beautiful of the islands… Ischia, a quiet idyllic island, welcomes those who come to the island with its Italian beauty, spirit and hospitality like a true friend.

Top 100 City Destinations for 2023

Euromonitor International has released its annual rankings of city destinations. Paris was crowned the most attractive city destination in the world. Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Verona and Bologna were also on the list.

Udine: The city where you live best in Italy

Quality of life, Udine in front of all the cities. According to the annual survey results by Il Sole 24 Ore, the town where people live best is Udine. Followed by Bologna and Trento. Milan is eighth, Rome 35th.

The historic Odeon Cinema-Theatre in Florence has been reborn

The Odeon Cinema Theatre in Florence has become an unprecedented space. More than a century after its opening, the historic cinema has been transformed, thanks to the Florentine publishing house, into a place that combines books, cinema and music.

2023 – Where is the cleanest sea in Italy?

La qualità delle acque di balneazione marine è infatti di buon livello in tutte le regioni, con percentuali di costa eccellente superiori all’85% e picchi superiori al 99%.