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David Sassoli: goodbye to the president of the European Parliament

Vita gazette – President of the European Parliament and senior journalist, died last night, hospitalized since December 26 for an immune system disorder, was one of the best-known faces of Italian and international journalism until 2009. Later he was a person who devoted himself to politics and successfully represented The Italy and common European values ​​in the international arena…

Born in 1956, he was born in Florence but moved to Rome as a child follower of the family, of his father a journalist too. In the Eternal City he attended high school and then studies university, political science. Right from the start, however, he wanted to devote himself entirely to journalism starting to collaborating first with Il Tempo, the Asca agency and the Roman edition of the Day and finally, where Rai came from hired in 1992 becoming one of the best known faces of Italian television journalism. For several years he dealt with the news following many of the events concerning the mafia in those years. In 1999 he entered the newsroom of TG1 as a special correspondent and later as a TV news host until he took over as deputy director in 2007.

A few years earlier, in 2004, he had also been elected President of the Roman Press Association. A journalistic career to which he dedicated himself with great passion and professionalism that ended in 2009 when he decided to devote himself completely to politics declined above all in a European key. A passion, that for politics, which led him to become first leader of the Italian delegation in Strasbourg and, lastly, President of the European Parliament.

In his inauguration speech reaffirmed the importance of recovering the constituent spirit of the European Union calling on the Council of the Union to discuss the reform of the Dublin Regulation with Parliament. He has also repeatedly stressed the importance of implementing measures to combat climate change in addition to the implementation of a policy that is closer to citizens, to young people and that is able to strengthen e promote European values.

His family, wife and two children have lost a husband and a father. Italy, Europe and the world forgive a serious and passionate journalist and a capable and tenacious politician with an eye on the future, on young people and on the values ​​on which all life is founded.

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