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Elon Musk: “Make more Italians”

Vita gazette – Elon Musk stated that the trio “decreasing birth rates, risk of nuclear war and artificial intelligence” are among the risks for the future of humanity. He invited the Italian people, saying, “Italy is a good place to invest, but we need more children. Make more Italians.”

Elon Musk participated in the Atreju 2023 Festival, the event organised annually by Fratelli d’Italia. Giorgia Meloni and Musk: The two had already met in June at Palazzo Chigi to discuss artificial intelligence and the declining birth rate in Italy.

Elon Musk’s speech, followed by Giorgia Meloni, focuses on the demographic crisis and the need to have children, not to make national culture disappear. Musk took the stage holding his son.

“I believe it is important to have children and create new generations. It seems trivial to say it, but birth rates are more disappointing every year”, says the South African entrepreneur at the beginning. “We need to have children, or the culture of Italy, Japan and France will disappear”, said Musk, underlining that due to the demographic decline “, we risk no longer having these countries. Italy certainly has borders, but it is made by Italians, by people. It’s a good place to invest, but you have to have more children,” explained the entrepreneur guest at the Fratelli d’Italia event. “If a company has to invest, it asks itself: will enough people be working? He added that I am perhaps repetitive but limit myself to the facts,” he added.

Musk is in favour of legal immigration.

Musk then addressed the topic of immigration, which is very hot in Europe and the United States with the continuous arrivals from the border with Mexico. “I am in favour of legal immigration, which must be increased, while illegal immigration must be stopped. You have to welcome those who come, are honest, want to be part of the culture and work hard, but you need an approval process for entry,” Musk explained. “If there is no filter, how do you know who is coming? I’m not saying that all illegal immigrants are criminals; most are upright, but you have to have a trial. Otherwise, you can’t say,” he added. On the other hand, Musk underlined the risks of population loss and decrease in the workforce and launched an appeal to Italians: “Please, make more Italians”.

Criticism of environmentalists

Musk is among the protagonists of the automotive and environmental revolution with his electric and hybrid cars. “I am an environmentalist,” he said from the Atreju stage, “but we should not demonise oil and gas in the medium term. I have the impression that we are exaggerating, in the short term, on climate change”, said Musk who also criticised environmentalists for causing them to lose “confidence in the future”. “We must continue to have hope,” he added.

Among the risks for the future of humanity, Musk also listed the decline in birth rates, the danger of nuclear war and artificial intelligence. Likening AI to a double-edged sword, Musk said: “It’s like a magical genie. And these stories may not always end well. It would be best if you were careful about what you wished for. “We have to be cautious,” he said. Recalling the saying “May you live in interesting times” used in Chinese, Musk commented: “I think we are living in the most interesting times.”

The word, future, returns in almost all the answers of the owner of Tesla: “You have to be very careful: it is a double-edged sword, which will be able to do practically everything, but which does not have a conscience. We need legislation that acts as a referee, as in all games,” he says.

What is Atreju

Atreju was born in 1998 from the idea of ​​Youth Action, a nursery of the National Alliance party. Only later did it become the official holiday of the Brothers of Italy, a political group founded eleven years ago. At the helm of the event – which today takes place between debates and Christmas markets in the gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome – there has been, since the first edition, Giorgia Leyohi. The initiative’s name, Atreju, is taken from the name of one of the protagonists of the novel The Neverending Story, published by Michael Ende in 1979. In the writing, from which a film directed in 1984 by Wolfgang Petersen was made, Atreju represents the young man’s fight against the “Nothing” that advances. Over the years in Atreju, members of opposing parties have also participated in the right-wing formation that manages the initiative. Fausto Bertinotti, Walter Veltroni, and Massimo D’Alema are some of these.

The traditional party event led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni took place this year under the slogan “Welcome back, Italian pride”. Meetings and speeches are held with titles such as “A Thousand Bell Towers, Twenty Regions, One Nation”, “Immigration, defence of Borders”, and “Heart of the Nation: A New Spring for the Family”.

Even the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama (who spoke in Italian throughout the debate in which he was involved, during which he stated, ‘Albania must do everything to be a brother country of Italy’), the leader of Vox Santiago Abascal, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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