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Queen of cities will accept by appointment

Vita gazette – The decisions that take the legendary city of Venice under protection come one after another. Following the ban on large ships from entering the city, a museum application is introduced for daily entrances. Accordingly, those who want to enter the city “for a day” will register online and pay the reservation fee.

Considerations to protect Venice, which has both natural and historical beauties, have been discussed intensively for a while. With the support of the government, the ships, which caused great environmental problems, were banned from entering the city. Then the cameras that closely monitor the tourists coming to the city were activated. Subsequently, paid entry was put on the agenda. The regulation, which was planned to be implemented this summer, was postponed to January 2023.

The number of tourists in the city exceeds the number of locals living in the center of Venice, especially in summer. With the new application that will come into effect in January 2023, it is aimed to better manage the number of visitors who want to see the historical city. Accordingly, tourists who do not prefer to spend the night in hotels or other accommodation places and will only visit for the day will have to register online for the next day and pay a reservation fee.

These fees will vary between 3 and 10 euros per person, depending on advance booking, the season or the city being too crowded. Tourists caught without paying the fee will pay fines of up to 300 euros.

Those staying in hotels and hostels will not need to rebook due to the accommodation tax payment. Children under the age of 6, the disabled and tourists who have holiday apartments in the city and have paid their property taxes will also be exempted from the fee requirement.

Venice was also equipped with modern control systems to manage the flow of tourists. Five hundred smart cameras that can count the people in the city are working for this rare open-air museum. Posi also collects data about visitors from cellular networks. Considering that the historical center has a population of more than 50 thousand and the city receives up to 100 thousand visitors a day, both the urgency and necessity of the decisions taken emerge.

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