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Ethical communication decisions of the Lazio Presidium Association

“There are no social messages between teachers, parents and students”

Vita gazette – Social messaging, which is used as a substitute for face-to-face communication between school, family and student, is prohibited in the Lazio region, which also includes the capital Rome. The Lazio Presidia Association has taken a step that should set an example for the whole world. It is revising the rules of the code of ethics for the school and says enough to WhatsApp class groups with also teachers, but also to social friendships between students and teachers. The rules could extend to all of Italy.

The advancement of technology has also affected interpersonal communication. From time to time, these opportunities began to be exaggerated and even abused. This type of communication, which does not take into account the idea of ​​“the right place, the right time and the right person”, has begun to cause more serious problems when it comes to schools. The constant echo of classroom conversations of students and parents, of parents asking to take into account their children’s grades and requests for personal advice, reached undesirable proportions. It was urgent to find a solution to the problem when teachers also participated in this communication.

The Association has taken steps to make school-student-family communication official. There are no common WhatsApp groups in the new arrangement. In social networks, there is a lack of friendships between teachers, students and parents. School-family communication will not take place through social networks and chat. The school’s e-mail, the Institute’s website and electronic registration will be used as official channels. And to this is added the right to disconnect teachers: for example, no messages after 7 pm except for reasons of urgency.

The new regulations include rules: For example, content and social comments that damage the image of schools should also be sanctioned. There also mustn’t be that direct contact that has led to cases like that of the principal having an affair with an adult student at her institution. Professors should have closed social profiles.

These indications do not have an administrative value for now, but are only ethical and preventive, although the Association does not rule out presenting this new code among the proposals to be included in the national employment contract.

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