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Bad weather in Tuscany: it was a regional emergency

Vita gazette – Tuscany goes underwater. Two were dead in Tuscany; one was missing in Veneto. Several cities with even severe damage. Floods, flooding and damage devastate the entire region. Tuscany requests a regional state of emergency.

Two deaths

An 85-year-old man was found dead in his home on the ground floor of a house in Montemurlo, in the province of Prato, another victim in the municipality of Rosignano (Livorno). A firefighter is missing in a location between Puos and Bastia in the province of Belluno.

In the evening, the Bisenzio River overflowed in Campi Bisenzio (Florence), in Ponte alla Rocca, in the historic centre, and Ponte a Capalle. It then also flooded in Prato, in the Santa Lucia district. The river carried away the parked cars. Muscular critical issues also exist in the city. In addition to the closure of all the underpasses, the water entered the Santo Stefano hospital, flooding the basement and part of the ground floor. Furthermore, the central station square is closed and is also attacked.

The Furba stream in Seano also overflowed, and roads flooded. “The images are clear; don’t take to the streets. Do not travel by car, those who can reach the upper floors of the houses”. The president of Tuscany, Eugenio Giani, wrote it on social media. “I have declared a regional state of emergency, and I am already in contact with the government for the national one. The situation is dire,” he added. The Region’s experts, meanwhile, expect an intense flood of the Arno river in the next few hours, with the peak passing through Pisa tomorrow, Friday, 3 November, at midnight. In the meantime, Trenitalia informs that traffic may undergo variations, and regional trains may suffer cancellations, delays or prolonged route interruptions. Trenitalia, we read in a press release, therefore recommends avoiding or limiting train journeys to those strictly necessary.

In Milan, where the Seveso flooded a few days ago, causing flooding and damage, a yellow alert has been issued, which will continue until tomorrow, Friday, 3 November. But the most critical situation is in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, on red alert. The rain, arriving in areas already affected by disturbances, risks bringing flooding, landslides, landslides and flooding of rivers and streams. High tide and even storm surges are finally expected in Muggia, in the province of Trieste. The governor of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, has decreed the closure of schools throughout the region, excluding Trieste, as well as the suspension of regional public transport and all sporting events and the closure of public parks. “The objective is to limit the movement of people, to protect their safety.” Train circulation was suspended for the provinces of Gorizia, Udine and Pordenone. The high-speed trains scheduled to depart on the morning of November 3 from Trieste and directed to Milan (7.07 a.m. and 9.39 a.m.), Rome and Turin (6 a.m.) will depart from Venezia Mestre.

The orange alert has been extended in the Ligurian East and will remain until 3 in the morning. The alert will be yellow in Genoa until midnight.

In Trentino, possible landslides and floods, snow in Alto Adige. There is an orange alert throughout the entire Trentino area. Heavy snowfall in the mountains of South Tyrol. The accesses to the Stelvio pass were closed, where the snow reached half a meter.

A severe flood hit Prato due to the overflowing of the Bisenzio River in Santa Lucia, a city neighbourhood. The river caused the sad scene of numerous cars swept away by the waters.

The water invaded the Santo Stefano hospital, flooding the basement and ground floor. This created further complications as medical personnel and healthcare workers mobilised to manage this emergency.

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