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Sanremo 2024:

Global messages that shine under the stars

Vita Gazette – Sanremo 2024 chooses the winner among the stars today. The top five from the first to the fourth evening are Geolier, Angelina Mango, Geolier and Loredana Berté. This year will also be remembered for the calls for peace made under the stars, the global messages, and the blunders.

The first star of the Sanremo Festival begins his journey on the international scene questa sera. Even if they didn’t reach first place, some names have already been accepted by the public and have become stars…

During this celebration, messages that marked history were also transmitted. Let’s see them now:

On the festival’s first day, Dargen D’Amico appealed for a ceasefire in Gaza: “History and God, and they do not accept the silent scene.”

“I dedicate this piece to my cousin Marta, who is now studying in Malta. Not all children are this lucky in the Mediterranean; there are children under bombs, without food and water. Our silence is co-responsibility. Ceasefire, history and God do not accept the silent scene.” This is the appeal launched on the Ariston stage by Dargen D’Amico D’Amico. At the end of his performance with the song “Onda Alta” competing at the Sanremo Festival, the rapper, songwriter and producer wanted to dedicate a thought to the victims of the war between Israel and Hamas. In his song, among other things, he talks about the drama of migrants and all those people who risk their lives every day by travelling in search of a better future.

After Dargen D’Amico D’Amico launched an appeal for a ceasefire in Gaza, Eros Ramazzotto said: Launch an appeal for a ceasefire in Gaza. “Almost 500 million children are living in conflict zones, millions more who will never see the promised land: no more blood, no more wars. Peace! Our thoughts forever.” Guest of the Sanremo festival, he sings “Terra Promise” and then launches the appeal with clear and simple words:

Russell Crowe plays Gladiator: “unleash hell”

“At my signal, raise hell.” The Gladiator has returned to the Ariston, and the epic line from Ridley Scott’sScott’s blockbuster resonates with all the power of Russell Crowe’sCrowe’s original voice, who pronounces it in Italian, guest with his band The Gentlemen Barbers with whom he performs Let Your Light Shine.

The qua qua qua dance.

Crowe hugs Teresa Mannino, shouting “Teresa,” and, in a flash of irony, when the actress mentions John Travolta, among other stars with Italian origins, he ironically mimes the qua dance. John Travolta and the Qua Qua Dance. His presence and performance on the second evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival sparked various controversies on social media and beyond.

Many think that the ballet performed by a legend of cinema and dance (from “Saturday Night Fever” to “Grease” via Pulp Fiction and the dance competition with Uma Thurman) is not worthy of the character, especially the compensation reserved for Travolta.

(John Travolta was the international super guest of the second evening of the Sanremo Festival 2024. Travolta taught the host the steps from Saturday Night Fever and Grease. The American star lends himself to retracing, together with Amadeus, the most iconic dances of his filmography. Then Amadeus takes him out of the Theater to the Aristonello to introduce him to “the Italian John Travolta”, Fiorello. He teaches him what he defines as one of the most important dances in Italian history: The Qua Qua Dance, complete with duck costumes. He and Amadeus wear it, but Travolta refuses. Annoyed, he avoids putting on the orange hat with the beak, but the gag is still embarrassing.)

And Fiorello jokes: “The end of his career will be here in Sanremo”.

And after he said: “One of the most terrifying gags in TV history.” Fiorello commented on the Ballo del Qua danced by John Travolta.

Teresa Mannino: “We are American colonists”

Teresa Mannino, co-host of the third evening, talks about the Sanremo festival.

“I like that there is attention on what happened with John Travolta, but we must remember that we are an American colony. This is nothing: we are subjects. Travolta arrives and does what he wants, and Amadeus doesn’t even realise it, absorbed by the ballets and photos of his son.” Teresa Mannino intervenes in the controversy over the hypothesis of hidden advertising for the brand of shoes she wore, which was not obscured. “We are settlers; we must stay silent as we must remain silent about everything else,” she concludes.

At Ariston, the farmer’s protest that surrounded Europe

The farmers’ protest, known in the media as the tractor protest, has arrived in Sanremo. After Amadeus’s openness during the festival’s first press conference, a delegation of breeders and farmers had asked to go on stage at the Ariston. Still, Amadeus chose to read the statement signed by the delegation. Here is the text:

“Italian farmers pay the price for bad decisions not based on science. Just think of community policies such as the Green Deal, the air quality directive or the regulation on pesticides, fortunately, withdrawn by the EU Commission thanks to our protests; all these policies, in our opinion, are excessively unbalanced in favour of the environment, are to the detriment of all Italian agriculture, with particular reference to small companies. The sword of Damocles of the prices paid to farmers then weighs heavily on these issues. We remind everyone that we cannot plan the selling price of our products because we are subjected to a market drugged by speculation, where the price paid to us is a tenth of what consumers pay. We are protesting these days: we ask for a clear law that guarantees fair value distribution along the agri-food chain, with mutual benefits for agricultural producers and consumers. The prices paid to farmers have been stagnant for thirty years, so much so that some products cost consumers up to ten times more. We are the only category that cannot rely on production costs and cannot apply the costs, suffering all the disadvantages of the market and possible lousy weather of the season despite having high and certain costs linked to sowing and production.

We will not bore you now by listing in detail what we ask for, which we have explained several times to the press and brought to the attention of politicians. Still, we want to limit ourselves to transmitting a straightforward message: we farmers are not in the streets asking for aid or subsidies. Still, to ensure that we are paid the proper remuneration for the complex and irreplaceable work we do every day, thanks to which every citizen can eat every day. Unfortunately, this has not happened for some time, so much so that today, most of the fruits of our labour are widely underpaid, with revenues that are well below the production costs. Therefore, we protest to defend the dignity of all farmers and forcefully demand that the correct amount be paid for our production. A Future for Agriculture and Made in Italy. All this simply because without agriculture, there is no life, there is no food sovereignty, there is no freedom; we only ask for the possibility of continuing to honour the teachings of our parents and grandparents, who, with respect, love and dignity, led us to cultivate the value of the land and what it represents, with the only objective of leaving a world better for our children. We conclude with a greeting to Italy, Rai and you, Amadeus. Thank you for giving farmers a voice in the temple of Italian music. Recently, we have insisted on wanting to go on stage ourselves for a single reason: to show our faces. These clean faces represent the future of Italian agriculture and the passionate eyes of those who still believe that quoting Pope Francis, there is no it is humanity without cultivation of the land”.

Who votes on the final evening

In the Sanremo final, i.e., the fifth and final evening of February 10th, all 30 competing songs will be reinterpreted again and voted on by the public through televoting. The general ranking determined at the end of the previous fourth evening will be communicated to the public, and the average between the percentages of votes obtained in the evening through televoting and those obtained during the last evenings will determine a new general ranking of the 30 songs which will be communicated to the public. Public. At that point, the names of the top 5 classifieds will be known, and who will perform their songs again. Previous votes will be cancelled, and a new public vote will be taken with televoting (34%), the press room, TV and web (33%) and the radio (33%). The song with the highest overall percentage of votes obtained in this last vote will be proclaimed the winner of Sanremo 2024.

Geolier won the fourth evening of Sanremo 2024 with Guè, Luchè and Gigi D’Alessio.

  1. Geolier con Guè, Luchè e Gigi D’Alessio
  2. Angelina Mango con il quartetto d’archi dell’orchestra di Roma
  3. Annalisa con La Rappresentante di Lista e il coro Artemia
  4. Ghali con Ratchopper
  5. Alfa con Roberto Vecchioni


Angelina Mango won the third evening of Sanremo 2024

  1. Angelina Mango – La noia A. Mango, Madame e Dardust
  2. Ghali – Casa mia – Ghali, D. Petrella e Michelangelo
  3. Alessandra Amoroso – Fino a qui – A. Amoroso, F. Abbate, J. Ettorre, A. Merli e F. Clemente
  4. Il Tre – Fragili – Il Tre, G. Di Mario, P. Zou, F. M. Aprili e I. Sinigaglia
  5. Mr. Rain – Due altalene – Mr. Rain e L. Vizzini


Geolier won the second evening of Sanremo 2024

  1. Geolier  – ‘I p’ me, tu p’ te’
  2. Irama – Tu no
  3. Annalisa – Sinceramente
  4. Loredana Bertè – Pazza
  5. Mahmood – Tuta Gold


Loredana Bertè won the first evening of Sanremo 2024

  1. Loredana Bertè – Pazza
  2. Angelina Mango – La noia
  3. Annalisa con – Sinceramente al quarto
  4. Diodato – Ti Muovi
  5. Mahmood – Tuta Gold
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