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Italy turns “illegal immigrants” into an international problem;

“The only solution is to stop illegal exits”

Vita Gazette – Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni invited EU President Ursula von der Leyen after the rebellion triggered by the islanders after thousands of illegal immigrants landed on the island of Lampedusa and the resulting state of emergency. Meloni said: “The border of Europe is Italy. This is not just a problem for Italy but for all of Europe. It is the problem of all countries that will be affected later. The United Nations will support the prevention of illegal entry.”

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was in Lampedusa this morning and accompanied European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Sicily Region President Renato Schifani and Agrigento Governor Filippo Romano welcomed them. Minister of Internal Affairs Matteo Piantedosi also attends the visit.

Citizens’ protest

There was tension from time to time in the protest of citizens who blocked the road of the vehicle convoy. Meloni assured a group of demonstrating islanders of the government’s willingness to help deal with the ongoing emergency. After a short conversation with Meloni, citizens cleared the passage. The delegation then travelled to the hotspot in the Imbriacola region before moving on to the Favaloro pier, where hundreds of migrants disembark daily. There, the corporate group stood in front of dozens of small boats moored before the dock, calling this expanse of wooden or aluminium boats the “small boat graveyard”. Finally, the Prime Minister and von der Leyen made joint statements at the airport.

Meloni: “Italy’s borders are the borders of Europe.”

The Prime Minister said at the press conference: “We are in such a flow that if we do not act together, the border countries will be hit first, then the others. This issue concerns everyone and needs to be addressed, and von der Leyen’s presence is a sign of awareness. “This indicates Europe’s responsibility towards itself because Italy’s borders are Europe’s.”

“The only solution is to stop illegal exits.”

“The only solution is to stop illegal exits; we need serious solutions, and we are rowing together,” she said. And it demands greater UN involvement. “The only way to solve the problem is to stop illegal departures. This is what citizens, as well as refugees, want from us. I believe that greater involvement of the United Nations is essential,” said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“We will bring the norm tomorrow!”

 “At tomorrow’s Council of Ministers, we will introduce the rule to extend the detention period to the maximum level European rules allow to repatriate those who came to Italy irregularly. And we will instruct the Ministry of Defense to take immediate action to create the necessary structures. I have always believed that the management processes for arriving immigrants should be different between working-age single men and mothers and those under 14. This is the hypothesis of expanding the scope of the measures we will take at the Council of Ministers tomorrow. The issue of women and children under 14 needs to be addressed separately, as detention for repatriation is less sensitive,” Meloni added.

Von der Leyen: European problem that requires a European response

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “Illegal migration is a European problem that requires a European response. We, not the traders, will decide who will come to Europe.” Von der Leyen concludes the presentation of the ten-point action plan at the end of her visit to Lampedusa. Von der Leyen said: possible new naval missions, faster returns and humanitarian corridors for legal migration.

France, in solidarity with Italy

There is also a phone conversation between Meloni and Emmanuel Macron. Macron reiterated that France stands in solidarity with Italy in the face of the migration problem affecting the island of Lampedusa. At the meeting, it was decided to confront this challenge and strengthen cooperation at the European level. This is a promise of collaboration in managing border flows and diplomatic strategy with Tunisia.

Next few steps

The Migration and Asylum Pact envisages the principle of external border defence. Meanwhile, the part of the video message in which Meloni urges people not to make Mediterranean crossings was translated and re-broadcast by Italian embassies in Africa and the Arab world as a deterrent due to the danger “was detained and repatriated”’. Meloni will also touch upon the issue of immigrants in his speech at the UN General Assembly at the beginning of the week. At the next EU Council meeting in October, she will formalise his request for a new military maritime security operation, such as Sophia, born in 2015 but whose ship sank before the third and decisive phase.

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